Denard Robinson to Workout with the Lions

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The topic says it all, article for those who want to read it:


How cool would it be to keep watching Denard on a regular basis? Of course, he would have to play for the Lions, and its hard to wish that on someone I like so much.






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I'm not really a fan of them in any way but it seems to me that the Eagles would be the perfect fit for Denard.

If there is anyone who can get him the ball in space and let him do it's thing, it's chip Kelly

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I rather him go to a franchise that knows what they're doing. Last year was out of control with all the offseason arrests to the Titus Young saga.

That and the fact Detroit is arguably the worst NFL franchise in the Super Bowl era.

I'd love to see the Lions finally break through. But If they couldn't win the big one with the best RB to play the game...uh....


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I don't think it's arguable. I think it's pretty much fact. They've only won their division 3 times. The only teams with less than that are the Jaguars, Houstons (two expansion teams), and the Jets. Win percentage: the only two teams with a lower percentage are the Houstons and the Buccaneers. Playoff wins: tied with Houston for last. Basically any category, you can bet that the Lions are there at or near the bottom. The only other team that is always there with them is Houston and that's because they've been around for about 10 years.


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I hope he goes somewhere outside of the NFC North so we don't have to play him. Would rather not have to root against him twice a year. I'll very interested to see where he ends up and look forward to watching him wherever he goes.


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I would make the comparison to Jahvid Best but that didn't exactly end well.

But if Denard ended up in Detroit that is probably how he would be used which isn't the worse fate in the world.


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Hopefully he joins my Redskins. He could fill Santana Moss's shoes eventually. I can't imagine having Denard, RG3 and Alfred Morris in the same backfield. That would be sweet.


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I would not be the least bit suprised if he ended up a Packer. They used Randall Cobb very effectively the last couple of years. They have lost Greg Jennings and they have said that they want to use Cobb exclusively at reciever going forward. Robinson could fill the Cobb role as Cobb fills the Jennings role. 


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If he's truly got the stuff to be a good player in the NFL, the Lions cannot "ruin" him.  In actuality it is that they are so bad at identifying talent that they appear to ruin many promising players' careers.  But if they somehow end up with him one way or another, I would be happy because it would mean having him on TV every Sunday (assuming they sell out).


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On one hand I think Denard with Bush and Johnson could give the Lions alot of weapons, depending how they were to use him. On the other hand it's the Lions, who seem to have alot of management and coaching ineptness. I'd hate to see that organization wreck Denard. He would kill it in New England, they would be able to find a way for him to produce.


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Mike O'Hara's column has some other Mayhew quotes on the subject, if anyone is interested - (HERE).

“He’s the type of player you have to have a plan for,” Mayhew said. “If you take him, you have to know what you’re going to do with him because he can do a lot of different things, but you’ve got to really specify what his role’s going to be on your football team.”

This was, of course, the introduction to the term "Swiss Army type of player" for Mayhew. I personally believe that the Lions have more immediate concerns, such as the offensive line and perhaps a defensive end for starts, but I would tend to think that most any NFL team could benefit greatly in potentially several aspects of their game from drafting Denard Robinson. If that team ends up being the Lions, I certainly wouldn't complain - looking at needs, they definitely could carve out a role for him. 


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I'm pretty pessimistic about the Lions, but some of you people are downright depressing. 

If I'm the Morrisey of Detroit Lions fandom, you dudes are Ian Curtis. 


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After years of losing and then having one OK season 2 years ago, only to go back to the same old Lions last season. This would be great to have Robinson make the team. If he gets a bit better at recieving, he will become another Percy!  I'm excited!


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 I'd like to see him go to San Fran or New England. Those 2 coaching staffs would use him properly. San Fran would be the best option. He could play the slot and back up frank Gore and Kaepernick