Denard Robinson within 85 Yards of QB Rushing Record

Submitted by codeBLUE11 on November 24th, 2012 at 8:38 PM

On a positive note, Denard finished the game with 122 yards today including that explosive 67 yarder that was incredible to see in person. This brings his career total to 4,395 yards--just 85 yards short of Pat White's 4,480 with a bowl game left to play. I know a few weeks ago it looked like a lost cause, but I now think he has a great shot of doing it. 

Anyways, just trying to bring some happiness to the board and I didn't see this posted yet.

As a side note, chill out people. Please. Yell at your cat or punch a pillow instead. Don't give these guys any more satisfaction than they already have. 



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Do you think he is back playing QB by then? We'll probably play one of LSU, Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina. So I don't know if it's such a sure thing. If in at RB it's more likely he gets 40-50 yards on 10ish carries while the game slowly devolves to Smith/Rawls 1 yard runs and mistimed play actions.


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With Wiscy dropping 5 games, 4 in the B1G, and 3 in overtime I'm guessing they lose to Nebraska again, which would make MIchigan the #2 eligible B1G team. Looks like Georgia will go on to lose the SEC title game against Bama because they had the tiebreaker win against Florida, so with their win against FSU Florida ahould be ranked the SEC #2. Likely we'll face Florida in the Capitol 1 Bowl again.


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Was Denard hurt or something in the 2nd half?  I saw one play where he seemed to be wincing afterwards...  Is there any other excuse for not giving him the ball on the edge in the second half?


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I hope DR gets the record AND he has a great post-UM career in what ever he does. Today it is hard to know unless you are on the inside, but it seems like he is a good guy and it would be great if he could end his college career as the record holder. He hasn't done anything publically to embarass the school or team. Go Denard and Go Wolverines!


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People might think I'm crazy, but that was the best run ive ever seem by Denard. Got sandwiched, busted through and exploded with speed for the td. Never seen him do that before.

User -not THAT user

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...two Ohio tacklers had the angle perfectly, but they literally bounced off of him.  The power of dilithium.  And dude was able to hit the next gear and leave everyone behind him for the score.  That is the kind of grit that will get him some extra consideration from NFL scouts.

The fact that it had to happen in a losing game makes my soul hurt.


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It would have been nice to see Denard get the chance to get the record (and the win) in the second half behind 3 big ass blockers. Unfortunately, someone must have decided Denard needed to rest up for the bowl game. Ugh.


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This is one of a million reasons i could never be coach, but a huge part of my gameplan for this Bowl would be getting that kid the record. Especially after I... uh, I mean, the coach... left him standing on the sideline during the last possession today.


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love that. We may get beaten in the bowl, too. But Denard is one for the ages, and that would cinch it in most people's minds. I am frustrated that he hasn't gotten more national attention. 


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Well......this year the country got to see Denard in five games that were shown nationally.  How would you evaluate his performance against:


Notre Dame

Michigan State


Ohio State

Candidly the only one he looked good in was the game today.  I think most people sort of wrote him off the national stage after the interceptfiesta in South Bend.

I love the guy too but facts are facts.  His fault or not he hasnt exactly shone on the big stage when he had the audience.


November 25th, 2012 at 10:35 AM ^

He was under 50% completions against MSU, under 100 yards rushing, and we scored no offensive TDs.  It was not a vintage Denard performance.  To his credit though, he did make a great play at the end, buying time in the pocket and finding Dileo.




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great analysis. I Kept hoping Denard would make a big jump a la himself from 2009-2010 or RG III over the course of his career. But in the end, he was who he was. A great athlete and runner but a limited passer with a tendency to make bad decisions and turn the ball over. You live by Denard, you die by Denard. And this year, we lost more of those toss-ups. 

Hugh White

November 26th, 2012 at 3:32 PM ^

I believe Denard gained about 25 yards rushing from a Running Back position against Iowa.  

Does the 85-yard figure that started out this thread already subtract out these Running Back yards?  Or should "yards-to-go" figure be something more like 110?  

Anyway, I hope Denard can put up huge bowl-numbers so that there won't be any doubt in the minds of statisticians and Mountaineers fans everywhere.  


November 26th, 2012 at 4:15 PM ^

No, they count all the yardage he's gotten in his career, because his listed position is quarterback.  Otherwise it'd be a mess trying to make sense of it all.  He briefly played at RB as a freshman and lined up as a receiver to run a few jet sweeps last year.