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This is the finished full version of the Denard Robinson Through the Years .... by Luke.  . He doesnt have enough posts to make new threads




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Thanks for sharing this, of course.

It's hard to believe that Denard Robinson will graduate in just a few short months basically, and then onward to the NFL. The four years that he was in Ann Arbor will not be forgotten anytime soon, and what a time it was. The leadership, the productivity and the smile will always be part of Michigan football.


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I am obviously in the minority. I think it's great that you guys all like him so much. I wish him the best as well, But this tenure is one that I cannot wait to forget. Especially since we have so much to look forward to. Namely being Michigan again I have been counting the days til his graduation since rich frauds started putting him in for fircier, an illustration that he was going to force his fake football on us no matter what. He is just a reminder of an era that never should have been I will miss the guys who really led the 11 win season. Martin, henniger, van burgen, molk and Hemingway. I will miss kovacs and roundtree. I will miss nothing else about this era. I look forward to seasons that matter: championship seasons

Toby Flenderson

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Making general statements with nothing to back it up is not an honest opinion. Calling someone who owns the record book at one of the most elite programs in the nation and was michigans only true playmaker a bad player is stupid.


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More we went 11-2 against 13 shitty teams last year. He played well for a quarter against nd(he got bailed out by every receiver on the field on many plays) and played well against ohio(6-6). Iowa and state we win with an average qb. Va tech he was terrible and we won in spite of him. This year, we don't lose to md or Nebraska if Gardner is the starter. I don't think we lose to Ohio if he stayed hurt and off the field. For the sake of argument, I will give you 10-3 last year and 10-2 this year. Prolly big ten title as well

the Glove

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Your being negative about a player that should have won a Heisman his sophomore year. The only thing that stopped him was the lack of a solid defense. No one in the history of college football has as many rushing and passing yards in a single season as him. He was a Michigan Man who stayed and played in a system that in no way capitalized on his abilities. You can have an honest opinion, but your honest opinion is absolutely ridiculous.


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So, Denard Robinson is a bad player? The guy that has the most rushing yards by a QB in NCAA history. The guy that basically won every game for us in 2010. I know that the team didn't have great years while he was here, but he is a phenomenal player. If you need more reasons why, the Michigan record book has about 20 more.


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Look, you've been commenting on the site about a week now, and it seems like your whole purpose here is to badmouth Denard. What's the fucking point? So you can feel superior to fans who are fans of an eminently likeable kid? A kid that gave us one of the best individual seasons we'll ever see in 2010, stayed through a coaching change, made the best of an offensive system not particularly well suited to his skill set, beat OSU, led his team to a BCS bowl win, helped stop Sparty's streak, played hurt, willingly switched positions for his last three games, is the all time total offense leader at the winningest program in college football history, broke the NCAA QB rushing record, and did all of that with a smile on his face?

Allow myself to repeat myself: It would be nice if you would shut the fuck up.


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I have had this app for about a year. Got an account about a week ago, and mostly come here for news and info. I did only start commenting about a week ago and don't mean to sound so negative. I have just read endless love for this kid. Which is fine. Just not for his qb play. There hadn't been much else to comment on thread wise. I would much rather talk next season. It basketball. Anyway. Go Blue

BOX House

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If you really think coming to a Michigan site and calling Denard Robinson a bad player is going to fly you are delusional. We appreciate him just as much for his personality as for his on the field heroic as well, and if you can't understand that this isn't the site for you.


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Obviously his posts haven't registered as popular*, but he hasn't thrown names around and has been far from vitriolic to other posters so far. Say what you want about his posts, but I think we've had enough of the names and whatnot.

*Trust me, I get it. If anyone remembers the stuff I've posted over time, I'm as big of a Denard fan as almost anyone here.


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Michigan hasn't won a B10 title since 2004, so the last three seasons of supposed "Michigan being Michigan"  teams under Lloyd Carr resulted in zero championships and nothing but losses to OSU.

But wait, I thought Michigan won every game it ever played before Denard?  Your logic has me confused.  Perhaps I've fallen into an alternate dimension.  Who even knows what to believe anymore.