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This is the finished full version of the Denard Robinson Through the Years .... by Luke.  . He doesnt have enough posts to make new threads




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This is going to get buried in a slew of criticism of your post, but since I defended you a bit above, it's only fair for me to post this here: Generally the board frowns on "Rich Fraud" and other nicknames like that. You're fine posting what you think about Denard (though your choice of venue isn't good, like, at all), but keep in mind that you'll get a lot of negs if you keep up with the cute nicknames, regardless of what the rest of your post says.


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Wouldn't it have been easier to just say.  My opinion is, I don't think he was a great QB.  I would have rather saw him at RB or WR where his talents could have been more benifcial to the team. There's people who may not agree with you, but I'm pretty sure they would respect your opinion.  There is no way anyone who has any knowledge about football would think he was a bad player.

NOTE: My opinion is, I don't know anything about how to play QB, so as far as I know he was by far the best option our team had.  I absolutley enjoyed every single snap (well ok not every) he took as a Michigan football player.


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You claim earlier that you've had this app on your iPhone for a year and have been coming here for updates and information.  So you've been hanging around for a year and decided that the tone you took would be completely acceptable to everyone here?

I question your honesty and your sincerity.


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Except that you offer no criteria for what constitutes inferior QB play.  Your argument essentially boils down to Denard was only effective against inferior opposition (ignoring any instances that would seem to contradict that postion) and then claiming that the team would've been better with Gardner under center without offering any tangible rationale as to why that would be the case and then dismissing anyone with who would dispute your opinion as sheep.

Myself, I don't think Denard is the greatest OB to ever line up under center for Michigan, but a player who is the most prolific rushing QB in college football history, and among the leaders in Michigan total yardage and touchdowns is not a "bad player" (your words).  Will history judge Denard as one of the elite players, worthy of a patch on the number 16 jersey?  I don't think so, but he's easily the most exciting player Michigan's had since Desmond Howard and I for one will miss him.

Understand, taking a contrarian view doesn't make you insightful in and of itself.  There are plenty of posters on here who have taken contrarian views to the majority, offered a clear and coherent point of view and are respected.  Your retort boils down to, "you guys all know I'm right, you're just too much on Denard's jock to admit it".   Not really a credible position.  That's why you're getting labeled a troll.  You can either try and learn from the feedback and adjust your tack accordingly or keep going the way you are and wind up getting the banhammer before the end of the month.  Myself, I still think you're not the fan you claim to be and will listen to this not one iota, since stirring things up on a Michigan board is really your true motivation.

Prove me wrong.


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But well put. I have not laid things out in superior detail as you put it because I Ty to keep posts somewhat short. I do feel that several fans are just on his jock. That is fine. I was merely pointing out that I think we are better without him. If the topic comes up again, then I will use some more for instances. Basically it boils down to scheme for me. With Robinson at qb, despite his talent, our offense is limited in what it can do. We are essentially running a read option offense. Like the veer or other types of option offenses, it makes a defense play assignment football. As a defensive coach, I love coaching against teams that rely on defenses to break adjustments because it takes talent differential out of the game With an opting offense, if 11 defensive players do the same job every play, then. The offense doesn't work. This is why our running back production went away. Every defender has a gap and is responsible for the first back to show your way. With us using zone blocking, the defense simply doesn't penetrate and creates a wall. There is no hole for a running back to pick. Therefore, either denard has a keep read and runs to an edge, or they blitz off edge to force a give read, but there are at least two guys with assignment to tackle the running back, and olinemen without an assignment to block them down. This can work for huge chunks when a defense plays undisciploned, as we have seen at times. It can also work if teams cheat to the run too much and you exploit it with the pass. My problem with denard at qb is that he was unable to take advantage of the passing option when running options were cheated to. As for data to support Gardner, I point to a few things. 1. His ability to take advantage of the timing routes. A 12 yard stop route might be the most effective route in college football for undersized receivers. Denard never was apt at making that throw. Gardner showed that he is. That route also forces outside linebackers to stay in flat zones longer before charging in run support. This is evident by our increased run production while he played qb. Also, our receiver numbers looked much better with Gardner due in large part to the much more accurate passing. As for 2011. I grant you that it is really a non issue and speculation on my part to say Gardner would have been better. My reasons for thinking this are: Robinson would have been playing a different role, and in the limited Gardner we saw he as better than Robinson against Illinois, and as effective and less destructive against state. Anyway, next season will be here soon. Go Blue


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I'm really going to miss this kid, and can't wait to see what role he plays in the NFL.  I just hope he's on a team that uses him well.

Great video, Go Blue!


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those fancy linky things, but this flitted past a while ago.

Denard Robinson said he wants to play for #Lions: "I want to stay in MI. Whoever drafts me, drafts me...but it'd be an honor to stay in MI."

I hope he stays so our pal here has to hear his name for years to come.

Edit - wow, the video just finished, he included Six Zero's Denard drawing. Nice touch!

His Dudeness

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I can't believe this guy doesn't remember when Tate brought us back against MSU (as a TRUE FRESHMAN) to go into OT. He nearly died out there scraping for extra yards and getting KILLED by a hell of a senior led Spartan defense. Man, how soon we forget. Tate was one hell of a gamer for us when he was here.

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This is absolutely amazing.  It's saddening that he has played his last game for the University of Michigan, and I miss him already.  


P.S. (Luke) Nice addition of the Inception music at the end.


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I am glad you all enjoyed the video.. I am not sure what all the arguing is about.. BTW I am curious to know how to post new threads? So i dont have to have everyone post my videos for me. Thanks again be on the lookout for more hoops videos.. GO BLUE!!!


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argument and fly it in person, in front of the team.

His comments have been collapsed, you will have to click them to see them. He doesn't like Denard, but pines for the days of 8-4 with a Rose Bowl loss.

I think the mods need to award you 100 points for the video!! You'll be able to post then.


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but I can't figure out who to credit the video to. OP? Anyone? The user "Luke" hasn't made any posts and appears to be the Luke from ElevenWarriors on top of that. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Edit: Sorry, I guess I missed the comment above. Looking on YouTube and your email, I assume you're the creator, Mello219? Reply to this post and I'll get things sorted out.


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Okay, you now have 100+ points. Here's the crash course on MGoBoard:

  • To post content, click "create content" at the top left of the page, under the banner and your username. A board topic is something you're looking for discussion on, like this, a diary is something that takes significant effort and will be archived for posterity. Those are posted up above under the "Diary" heading.
  • If you're making awesome videos, you can make the call if you want it to be a diary or board topic. I'm like 99% sure the 200 word minimum is waived for artistic work like videos or wallpaper.
  • You can now vote on posts and comments. Good adjectives (and "normal") = more points; bad adjectives = negative points.

By the way, awesome video. I'm going to tune into another that you posted before the OSU game before crashing tonight, and I'm looking forward to it. Can't wait to see more in the future.


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Whoever the troll is, please understand that without the dominance and playmaking abilities of Denard, the 2010 and 2011 seasons would be absolute wastes.  If you would remember, he single handed carried our offense in so many games in the past three seasons, so many that I'd rather just have you look them up yourself.  Denard has been a keystone to this offense and I don't know what the exact percentage is, but he has to have accounted for at least 65-75% of our offense since 2010... So I don't really know what has you in a terrible mood, but it is just wrong to take it out on Denard.


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I'm proud to have had a kid like Denard play for Michigan. There is more to Michigan than winning every football game. Sure it's nice to win all the time but I'd rather see the team lose with guys like Denard than win with guys like Pryor or Newton etc...


January 22nd, 2013 at 12:12 AM ^

What Denard's legacy will be in my mind is that he was the sole reason the Michigan football program stayed relevant. Without him, there were a lot of games that would've been losses and a lot of special moments that never would've happened. Denard was Michigan's brightest spot (sometimes the only bright spot) in their darkest years. He's the only reason why Michigan continued to matter through the RR years. I thank him for giving me a lot of great memories attending the big house, including the under the lights game. THANK YOU DENARD!!!


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It is long enough to have some of the plays against truly inferior teams removed--like Delaware State and UMASS, for example. That would create a video that would be enjoyable for a long time. Just my opinion. 


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I love DR. Loved the ups, hated the downs. But, he gave it his all, and was a true Wolverine.

With that being said, I'm looking forward to seeing future NFL prototype QB's, LT's, and RB's.

And, it seems, LB's.


January 22nd, 2013 at 2:36 PM ^

Phenomenal video. 

Anyone who can't just simply appreciate Denard, and what he's meant to this team, and this staff, is broken.  Period.

The memories Denard's given me are already some of the finest Michigan memories I have.

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I love Denard.  That is all.  I've been a Michigan fan since Rick Leach's freshman year, and Denard is the only Michigan player that even comes CLOSE to approaching the way I still feel about Leach, and I was 8 years old when I first watched Leach play, so of course your childhood heroes are always going to br bigger than life even as you yourself get's one of the cool things about them.

Michigan's had plenty of great players between Leach and Denard, and I've enjoyed watching them all.  But none of them  had the same level of the on-field "HOLY CRAP, DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!" factor that combines with Denard's personality which makes Denard so unique.  During his time in Ann Arbor there wasn't any question that he really threw himself into the experience...dude was from Florida and willfully placed himself in about as alien an environment as anyone could possibly expect, and you never heard anything about being homesick or any complaints or regrets about his decision to attend...he handled the coaching transition with A LOT more maturity than a number of other players (*cough*RyanMallett) would have, and when you consider how much he gave and how little his teams actually achieved...(limited playing time backing up Tate as a freshman, losing record...7-6 record as a sophomore, BLOWN OUT in second-tier bowl game by a third-tier ESS-EEE-SEE school...8-5 reocrd as a senior, injured for the last quarter of the season), the campaign of Team 132 really stands out because it's the one year he was here when the team's achievements seemed to match the talent he has had since the day he set foot on campus.

That is what is so special about Denard...simply by being himself, he made you wish he had a better team around him.  Like another poster said, he was the reason to watch M football when M football really didn't have much else going for it.  If they were going to win at all, it would be on the will of Denard Robinson.  Which of course makes him that much more heroic.  Like Captain McAfee said to Max Rockatansky in "Mad Max", "we're gonna give 'em BACK their heroes." 

Anyway.  GREAT freakin' video, man...we are going to miss that young man.  A lot.


January 22nd, 2013 at 6:02 PM ^

You've all been T'eo'd. ryanlove12 does not exist. It is actually Denard himself, he was trolling and testing us. Congratulations everyone, you passed!

But seriously, we love you Denard. Thank you for being a true Michigan Man.


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I think a good ending would have been Denard still talking in the background like you have it but added to that would be the clip at the end of the Outback Bowl of Denard seemingly by himself, walking off the field for the last time. It was a tear jerker moment if not for how that game actually ended. The cameras caught him seem to almost look back towards the field, as if to take one last glimpse, and then he faded into the tunnel. I will miss him, sure we didn't win every game or even a title, but there will be something about Denard that I will never forget.