Denard Robinson speaks to Detroit News about playing receiver

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Actually better than even the average Angelique article, because they gave her some space and let her print a lot of quotes from Denard-…

Talks about some interesting things with a "mystery trainer" and more joy in taking what comes at him.  Enough to add to the Denard love pantheon.



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you took the words out of my mouth....those are the 2 teams I hope he gets a shot with...As a Redskins fan I feel that between Denard, Morris, RGIII, and Shanahan's fantastic blocking schemes,  they could be deadly...he could be a Percy Harvin type RB and Receiver hybrid. And Denard going to the Patriots is obvious, Tom Brady and Belicheck's genious could make him a very solid player. Broncos, Colts, or Texans I also think would be good fits. Anywhere where Denard can get in a little space.


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So it seems to indicate he's been practicing now. I mean, why would he be practicing receiver before the bowl game when he played tailback in it?

Though he does seem to say receivers coach. But how loose the term coach is, I don't know. If it was Desmond he's not a coach, but could be "coaching" for certain.


He's diligently practicing at receiver, which is the position he will play in the Senior Bowl, training with Michigan strength coach Aaron Wellman and a receivers coach. But Robinson won't reveal who that is. "Can't tell you that," Robinson told The News on Thursday, while laughing heartily. "I've got to keep it under wraps. He's a secret weapon."


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That was my guess. I mean, assuming it's a great Michigan WR, there are really only 2 other options, right?

AC - I don't really know much about him (aside from his M legacy), so I don't know likely that would be.

Braylon - I think his ego is too big to do something like this.

Even though Michigan has had some great receivers, I feel like those 3 are the only ones who are high-profile enough that Denard would keep a secret.


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I don't get it. He is a ball carrier if I've ever seen one. Maybe not a feature back but definitely someone who can give you 8-12 quality carries a game. He never really caught passes or ran routes in his college career except for some short passes out of the backfield. His best skill is running between tackles and blockers. It seems glaringly obvious that in the backfield (and perhaps occasional return man) is where he would be most effective.


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No one knows what he can do at any of these positions because they've never seen him play there. The scouts got to see him at tailback for 3 games. Now, they'll get to see him at WR for  part of this game and the combines. The more potential that you can give the guy, the better his draft stock will be. If he shows potential at WR along with RB, then he is way more valuable than a guy who only has potential at RB and has never blocked or played receiver out of the backfield.


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I disagree with this bit:

His best skill is running between tackles and blockers.

He's very effective at running between the tackles because of his shiftiness, but I think he's best when he's in space (regardless of inside/outside). He's best when he can get to the second and third levels of the defense where he may only have one player to beat. He's a home run threat in space, so I think using him as a running back/slot receiver is the right call. I think it'll be difficult for Denard to get the same YPC running in between the tackles in the NFL.


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I'll revise and say his "most valuable" skill. You don't get many chances to run in open space in the NFL unless you're returning kicks.  On offense, you need to be able to follow blockers and elude defenders. That's where I think he'll make his bread and butter.


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Do you think part of that view point is seeing him always have the ball in his hands? One of my greatest complaints when we were in the two QB set was that we didn't use Denard as a decoy. He could still be the type of player that you want the ball in his hands whenever possible, but you still want to make the offfense efficient and effective. I think he can be a great decoy and stretch the field both vertically and horizontally with his speed. Furthermore, we haven't seen a lot of what he can do outside of the running back/running QB role. I'd like to see him getting screens on the outside. I'd like to see how he runs routes. 

Part of it is that we like what we know, and you don't know what we haven't seen. I think what we haven't seen out of Denard can be really really awesome.


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Denard is awsome. Great attitude. I hope he has great success in the NFL. I also hope he goes to a team that is competent enought to find a position to utilize him (Patriots).

Please not the Jets, Please not the Jets, Please not the Jets..............



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"I get an opportunity to still play football and still do something I had a dream that I never thought in a million years that I'd accomplish it. But I've got a chance to do it. It's right there within arm's reach. I can actually grab it." - Deanrd, on not being projected as QB in the NFL

One of the things that I think has made Denard Robinson a great team leader is just this - he simply wants to contribute in any capacity in which he is able. Whether it is at quarterback, at tailback, as a mentor on the sideline, or in this case at wide receiver potentially, he just wants to play. It seems like, even now after all he accomplished at Michigan, he still thinks of himself as a kid from Deerfield Beach simply excited to be fulfilling a dream, and that's one of the many reasons why I think many of will be watching as many of his appearances in the pros as we can. It's difficult to top his outlook and attitude about this.

This was a great article, and thanks for sharing it!


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Wherever Denard goes, I will adopt that team as my second team.  I just hope, if it isn't the Redskins, it isn't another NFC East team.  I have liked a lot of players over the years, but I have never wanted anyone to achieve success more than Denard.  When his NFL days are over, I'd love for him to get a position with Michigan, just to be able to see that smile on the sidelines.



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Is a great kid. I don't see him as a WR who catches a lot of balls in the NFL, but one who is involved in returning kicks, quick screens, and end-rounds. I'm looking for a team to follow, my hope is that he ends up somewhere that has a GREAT history/organization, not somewhere like Detroit or Oakland or Cleveland.