Denard Robinson overhyped and untied

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I don't understand how someone can write a story like this.  Is Mgoblog the only site that loves Michigan football?   We marvel at RR for recruiting such a talent as Shoelace.  Love how humble he is and smiling all the time!  Michigan is winning lets have fun and root them on.  And this Kevin Paul guy writes this article. I wasnt impressed.  Anyone with thoughts out there as to why he is writing this crap?  Other then haters gonna



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It's all fans and people can pretty much write what they want.  I have seen quite a few "Michigan" articles that look suspiciously like OSU or MSU fans writing "about Michigan."  I didn't bother to read that article, but I'll bet you can find the author by clicking the OSU or MSU options. 

I find BR to be about 25 percent interesting and 75 percent bullshit.  They encourage the headlines to be descriptive enough that it is pretty easy to tell one from the other without bothering to read it.  For example, I was able to figure out from the title of the very article you reference that it was not going to be anything I would want to read. 

You never know: maybe someday a Michigan fan or two will go to the OSU or MSU section are reciprocate.


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Obviously this author just comes off like a bitter rival fan, however I think articles like this can be good for the team. Even though the "Michigan is back" and "Denard for heisman" campaigns are in full swing, there will always be people who will doubt Denard, Rich Rod, and the program. In my opinion thats a good thing. Anyone, even someone as humble as Denard can use good ol' motivational fodder.


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There is a time and a place for a one sentence paragraph.  however, a piece of writing that is full of one sentence paragraphs exhibit lack of writing skills, especially for a "featured columnist."  One tries to portray intelligence by going against popular thought, but he doesn't have the substance nor the writing skills to pull it off.

The MGoBoard overall is great, but getting pointed to pieces like this are a waste of time, so it's time to take a break and go be productive.


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The whole Denard phenomenon is really reminding me of the Fab Five's freshman year.  He's exploding on the national scene.  It's awesome. 

Yes I am THAT guy

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I concur sir. He really is exploding on the national scene. All I hear in my university (in the deep south might i add!) when college football is talked about is, "hey did you see that kid from Michigan, Shoe-tie? Kid is INSANE." Of course I am the kid wearing the MICHIGAN shirt  sitting in the back of the room correcting his nickname and saying how the SEC is overrated this year.. So that goes over well. 


GO BLUE representin' in ATL


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Denard cannot be "over-hyped" when the accolades he has earned are entirely due to his performance.  He was not even named as the starter until the UCONN game started, and Michigan was the only school to recruit him as a QB.  Nobody has "hyped" him.  It's just that nobody has ever had a two-game stretch like this as a Michigan QB (or anywhere else for that matter).

You earn praise.  Hype is something that is lavished prospectively. 


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HATER.. got to love these articles bashing the nations top player right now. Just keep doing what your doing denard and throw for 67% and run for 150 a game. Keep the stats piling!


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is speaking not to true fans/followers of the team, but those that are jumping on the bandwagon, for the first time or after jumping off for a while.  I think those that have really followed the last couple of years do have this thing in proper perspective.  What this start means is that reasonable predictions of 8ish wins were just that, reasonable, nothing more or less.  Denard will continue to perform at a high level, probably not this high, will continue to impress with his attitude and will continue to improve in areas that could be considered weaknesses.  Other notes of importance:

1.  Roundtree = Awesome.  He is a very good receiver.  Big things forthcoming.

2.  Defense.  Semi competence at corner is a surprise, hope it continues.  Cam Gordon is fit for the position but needs to be coached up, will be better than average once he is.  Defense is reasonably competetive without having to play Christian, Furman, and Robinson to much to soon.

I like this team and this start, but expectations are still where they need to be, unlike last year.


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we gotta be used to the hating by now, haven't we? Water off a duck's back. Don't even bother to get angry about it; they have to live in their bullsh*t, not us (as my Dad used to say). There is going to be more of this crap; just enjoy the good times because we'll have our down times, too.