Denard Robinson NFL Combine

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Just a reminder for those who care. NFL combine is starting workouts today. 

Denard will workout with the Wide Outs tomorrow Sunday the 24th. TV is the NFL network. QB's, RB's and WR's all workout tomorrow so the coverage flips back and forth from workout to workout for those of you who do not know about the combine.

His measurables came in at this

Height-5'10 (kind surprised me I thought he was at least 6 foot)

Arm Length 32 5/8"

Weight 199 LBS

Hands 9"

The combine player profile is




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"I think 5'10" - 5'11" is about right?"

This quite the thread.  OP posts Denard's combine measurements from today and is followed by a bunch of people guessing his height.  Could everybody else who has ever stood next to Denard or at least knows someone who knows someone who has please chime in with an estimate?  Yeesh...


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It would be really great to see Denard run under 4.3, but I'm thinking it's more likely he'll end up in the 4.4 range. Usually top-end speed is a function of running with controlled technique as much as effort. I'm thinking the immense pressure will take a few ticks off his time as he may paradoxically try a bit too hard to be fast, if that makes any sense. 

He should still put up a very respectable time if he's healthy. If he runs sub 4.4 in that environment with all eyes on him, I'll be amazed.

Just my humble opinion. 

Go Denard!





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Here's a link to ESPN's Sports Science profile of Denard.


Some of the highlights:

He's been timed at 4.32 in the 40 (I say that's 0 out of 5 fakes)

Within 4 strides, he's already up to 11 MPH.

In the open field, he reaches 22 MPH

He can decelerate so quickly that he exerts over 3 G's on his body (that's the same amount of force astronauts experience during lift-off)





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For more comparison with Best (meant to reply below)  - since they are the same size and both have track backgrounds - Javid Best ran a 10.36 100m and I think Denard's best 100m was 10.44 so one could conclude that their 40 times should be close as well.


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5'10" 199 is pretty solid.  I really think he should be looked at as a RB over WR.  The way the Lions used Jahvid Best (who was also 5'10" 199lbs) would be a good strategy with Denard.  There would be less of a learning curve for him than WR and he'd get the ball 10-15 times a game rather than 2-3.  

Just please don't let the Lions draft him and ruin him.



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From WikiPedia, Best's measurables are nearly identical to Denard's:


Pre-draft measureables
Ht Wt Arm length Hand size 40-yd dash 10-yd split 20-yd split 20-ss 3-cone Vert Broad BP Wonderlic
5 ft 10 in 199 lb 31¾ in 9 in 4.35 s 1.48 s 2.05 s 4.17 s 6.75 s 32.5 in 9 ft 5 in 18 reps 24
All values from NFL Combine[28]


the Glove

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It has clearly been evident that he wasn't 6 foot. Hell, the announcers talked about it all the time. They always spoke about him having a disadvantage not being able to see over the offensive line. And if you ever got the chance to be close around him you could tell he wasn't 6 foot. I got a high 5 from him on Bourbon Street in New Orleans after the Sugar Bowl.


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for most players who are actually under 6'. Hell, they listed Jamie Morris at 5'7¨ his entire career, and if you've ever stood next to the man, you immediately know he can be no taller than 5'5¨.


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a.k.a. former Alabama DT "Mt. Cody" at 340 lbs (if he kept one leg off the scale).

I'd love to see Denard superimposed on there.  I'm pretty sure he could carry Vincent Smith on his back and win that race spotting Eisen a 10-yard head start.

A more competitive race would be Eisen vs. Hoke.  I'd go with Eisen by about 3 yds.

Michigan Eaglet

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I might be wrong, but I think the fastest 40 a Michigan player has run at the combine was Leon Hall with a 4.38. I think Denard has a chance of beating that and becoming the fastest Wolverine in the history of the combine.


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I wonder if Denard's 40 time comes in slower than expected we may see him not get drafted? Everyone knows he is a work in progress at WR, so if posts an excellent 40 time someone will take him hoping his ball catching skill develop.