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Just my opinion, but, well:

  1. The team
  2. The city
  3. The uniform
  4. The ineptitude (yes, I'm a Lions fan, so this is an irrational statement)
  5. The state
  6. The lack of history
  7. The lack of fans in the stadium
  8. The complete ZERO drama watching them play

What to like:

  1. Denard
  2. Henne (although I don't expet to see him on the field, so this doesn't count too much)


What to like.  Denard carries a lot of weight, apparently.  Seriously.  I'll be watching the Jaquars in the preseason!  How crazy is that.


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The complete ZERO drama watching them play

What kind of drama are you looking for? Fisticuffs on the sidelines?

Given how much parity there is in the NFL, Jacksonville might well be in the playoffs in a year or two.  It's not like MLB where you can basically write off the Royals and Pirates for the next generation.




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(On Denard Robinson) "I've been watching that guy for as long as he's been playing. Every time I go to Michigan it just amazes me about how passionate he is about football, how loved he is at that school amongst his teammates and how he just goes about his business. You watch that guy practice and he has fun. Not only does he have juice on the field in terms of his speed and play-making ability but just juice in the building. You're going to love the kid. I've watched from afar for a long time. I got a call from Thomas (Dimitroff) and he's like, 'I knew you were going to end up getting him at some point in time,' because we talked about him in Atlanta and I was really excited about that pick."

(He's a running back?) "We're going to play him at running back and we're going to play him a little bit at slot so you're going to see him in a lot of different formations. He's a running back just like he's a slot and we're going to use him as a kick returner so we're going to try and get the ball into his hands and that's going to be one of the goals. I've been fortunate enough in my time in Atlanta and my time in Indianapolis to see what playmakers can do for a team and we needed some speed and some explosiveness here."

(On his injuries) "No, nothing major. He's played in the Big Ten, the Big Twelve now, and carried the ball a ton of times and has really been pretty durable for as much as he's played."

(Did not a lot of teams look at him as a running back?) "I've heard all different things. I've heard teams look at him as a running back, as a wide receiver and even as a corner back. We even kicked it around a little bit before the draft just kind of joking knowing our need was a corner back saying, 'Well if we draft him we can use him both ways.' But we're going to stick to him at offense. He is a tremendous athlete."(Are you faster today than you were two days ago?) "Absolutely, yeah."

(Any concerns with Robinson's ability to hold onto the ball at the Combine?) "He's not our finished product by any means. He's played quarterback his whole life so he's going to be a work in progress. I don't expect him to go out there in year one and just have everything down. He's going to have his drops, he may have his fumbles, and that stuff but it's going to be a little bit of a work in progress. We feel like if we can develop him then he can turn into something special."

(Wildcat?) "That's a possibility. We want to get the ball into his hands."


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I hate the Jags because they seem like a shitty team thats always shitty i.e. Browns, Lions even though they were actually decent until a few years back. But yea Jacksonville was one of the few teams I didn't want to see Denard go but the bright side is hopefully a lot of his family will get to make the trip from Deerfield Beach up to Jacksonville.

STW P. Brabbs

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The only possible silver lining for this is that Denard gets to be close to home.  Jacksonville is hardly ever on TV, and they're just an awful franchise.  Not to mention the uniforms - Denard has to make the transition from the best uniform in sports (totally unbiased here, guys) to ... teal.  With lots of flair.  Overall, I'm pretty bummed about this.


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Jut notied Philly had the next pick. I wonder if they were hoping to pick up Denard. I know Chip Kelly had great things to say about him.

I really hope he can develop into a Antwaan Randel-El kind of guy


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It was only two picks until the Lions. :( I was really hoping he could stay in Michigan, but getting to go back to Florida is probably a good thing for him, too.