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March 25th, 2011 at 7:22 AM ^

Basketball for me this year has been the best it has been in A LOONG time cheering for TWO "butterflies" in D-Mo and D-Rose

Me also being a Braves (and Cowboys) fan should give awat that I grew up in the nineties. I'm not at the point of dread just yet...baseball season is hardly interesting before the all star break outside of fantasy tracking. As good as the Braves can be, the Phillies are becoming the NL East Yankees. It's just too hot in the A in the summertime to consistently sell out the Braves. I will never attend a 1 o'clock game at Turner again in July. Summer sucks as far as sports entertainment...unless I'm golfing.

"Tee it up! Ya'll have a nice summer Chicago." - Michael Jordan, 'Come Fly With Me' (1990 after THE LAST time an MJ lead Bulls team exited the playoffs)


March 25th, 2011 at 12:19 PM ^

but fortunately the Giants and the Jets always have Michigan players.  That's my excuse as far as pro football. 

Nevertheless, I'm going to my first Tigers game at Yankees stadium next week (couldn't possibly become a Yankees fan, though some of my best friends...) and I'd appreciate some updates on the current team in preparation.  I mean, I know Al Kaline, Norm Cash and Rocky Colavito are no longer playing, but who else should I pay attention to?

Thanks from the home of the Damn Ys.

PS: Got the tix from a fellow Michigan alum, so it's legal.

EDIT: This was supposed to be a response to UMDad above.