Denard Robinson BTN Interview

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I don't know how to embed videos, so someone can embed in the comments, but absolutely hilarious interview with Denard on the BTN.

They're interviewing him for winning the award of "Dominating Performance" vs ND, and Mike Hall keeps telling Denard how amazing he is, and Denard keeps shrugging it off, saying it was all because of his blockers, WRs, and teammates.

Absolutely amazing talent, and an even better guy. This is the kind of athlete that Michigan should be so proud of.



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will go down as one of the true legendary heros of Michigan football. He rose up above a classmate to take the starting job, dominated on the football field, has seen this team through the darkest of hours, stood by the team unwaveringly through uncertain times and will go forth to defeat tSIO and usher Michigan into a new golden age of dominance and glory!


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Everytime I watch that clip, I'm wondering what that ND drum major is saying to Denard as  he's kneeling down.  I would like to think "nice run", bu he looks like a tool so I'm guessing it wasn't so pleasant.  Trash talking while someone is giving thanks to God would not be cool.


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Q: "Some of it was all you though.  You had an 87 yarder at one point.  What sticks out from  that run?"

A:  "Ohh man we had like 2 key blocks though man.  My guard Patrick Omameh came around and cleaned up some guys and then Roy Roundtree chopped the guy downfield and the rest is history."


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This guy is just all class.  I so want him to succeed in the new offense, go on to the pros, win some Super Bowls, start a charity for kids, marry someone as hot as Gisele and go on to achieve middle east peace. 


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I wouldn't have "seen commentator" in Jalen's future when he was a rising junior, either; it worked out pretty well for him.  I don't think I'm quite ready to tell Denard that he can't be good enough to work for ESPN in 10-15 years quite yet.  


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He is really an idol for me and I look up to him even though he is a few years younger than me. I read recently that after one of the losses his freshman year he stayed after and helped the equipment managers because he didn't play enough to be tired. Also he does things like buying pizza for the equipment staff when they have to stay late.

Mr Mackey

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I had never heard those before, and those make me love him even more. If that was possible.

He deserves all the attention he's getting because of his ability, but he's the kind of guy who doesn't want the attention. I REALLY hope he succeeds in the NFL or wherever he goes after UofM. He truly is an inspiration.

He has quickly become my favorite Wolverine of all time.


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And makes us happy as little school girl!

Seriously, I don't know how Denard does it, but he makes me like him more and more as a person the more exposure he's given!  Go Blue, Denard and thanks for being such a great ambassador for the University of Michigan.


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You know, I love the kid, but I can see what Desmond Howard was saying.  It was as much directed at us, the fans, as anything.  Denard Robinson is an incredibly exciting player to watch and seems like a great young man, but let's not build up impossible expectations for the guy.  People talking about Super Bowls and whatnot . . . whoa there.  He's started one season as a college QB, and we went 7-6.  He gained a ton of yards, but also committed a lot of crippling turnovers.   He struggled to throw the deep ball, and opponents didn't respect it last season.  He still needs to get better before he enters the Michigan pantheon.  


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What else can you say about this kid?  He gives credit to his 87 yarder where it's due and seemingly refuses to take any himself.  Watching that play in the stadium was a magical moment of dejected faces and wild abandon on the part of my screaming family.  


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I shared with my wife the story from the Michigan Daily about him and his family.  In the story it shows them all gathering at the house (technically in the garage) to watch a game.

My wife said, "It's too bad it would be an NCAA violation.  I'd gladly give up my ticket so they could come to a game."

The fact that he comes from a modest upbringing, but (as is pointed out up above) buys pizza for the equipment guys shows his humility and caring.  He also lights up (even more !) when talking about spending time with the kids at Mott.

And when asked why he stayed despite the coaching change, he said it was about not being able to leave his teammates.

What an outstanding representative for the school.