Denard Played through Staph Infection

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Super short article:

QB Denard Robinson played through myriad injuries this season, including a staph infection in his arm, which was disclosed for the first time Friday. Coach Brady Hoke said the injury was serious enough that he worried about Robinson missing time, but it was never critical enough to quarantine Robinson from his teammates.

Might explain his performance early in the season.



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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a type (strain) of staph bacteria that does not respond to some antibiotics that are commonly used to treat staph infections. (from

Pretty much MRSA is the worst type of staph infection, one that isn't treatable with normal methods. I also doubt it was MRSA. Were it MRSA he would have definitely been quarantined

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- If hospitalized, he would have been kept separate from other patients, but as an outpatient we do not quarantine people for MRSA

- MRSA is resistant to the typical antibiotics for staph, but is treated the exact same way, and for the same length of time.  We even have oral antibiotics that now work on MRSA.

- That being said, it probably was not MRSA as that is typically a hospital acquired infection, and as far as we know, he was not hospitalized.




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My sister actually acquired MRSA from exposure to shared gym equipment, so while it may not be common, it's definitely possible to get infected outside of a hospital environment nowadays.

Glad Denard is feeling better, he's definitely a trooper!


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MRSA infection = staph infection that is harder to treat with antibioitcs.

It is not harder for your body to fight off MSSA (methicillin sensitive staph aureus) versus MRSA (resistant).  This is a common misconception.  MRSA should be no scarier than MSSA  for an average community acquired infection.  

It is only harder to treat with antibioitics.

MRSA is quite common in the community, i believe around 1/3 of people are nasal carriers nowadays, but outside of the hospital it primarily only leads to cutaneous infections.   It's a problem in the hospital because patients are more susceptible to getting more serious infections,and MRSA can be hard/expensive to treat.


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If you live in the presence of other human beings, you likely have MRSA present on your skin.  Probably 50% of us are colonized in our noses if swabbed and cultured.  MRSA is simply a part of living in society these days.  It just means we have to be a little more diligent than in the past when we have skin issues that dont resolve as we expect them.  Just dont let your PCP talk you into treating your skin issues with methicillin, you'll be alright.  :)


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We found out that week that he had an abscess removed. This just clarifies what the abscess was from. I know people forget this because as soon as he had it removed, his DSR jumped, but people were still worried about him regressing to his early season numbers.


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I think we all knew that something was up.

I don't know about early in the season. If I had to guess, I'd bet that it was from the operation he had to remove bone spurs from his elbow mid-season (IIRC Purdue week?).


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No, he didn't say they sucked, but he said they played with a staph infection, implying that that was part of the reason they sucked.  Not that hard of a logical leap.

EDIT:  My point is that I would rather blame the suckage last year on the coaches than the players.  That's all.  Sorry for nitpicking.


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No, he didn't say they sucked, but he said they played with a staph infection

No.  You missed the original joke.  He didn't say they played with a staPH infection, he said they played with a staFF infection.  He was blaming the coaches.  The joke was in the spelling, and it was very subtle, which is what made it funny.   The response to the original comment pointed out that he didn't need the further explanation about the "shitty coaching."

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Denard Robinson had a staph infection for several weeks in 2011, concealed by Brady Hoke until now.  And that equals, "RichRod sucked in 2010."  I can see that.  Everybody can see that.  It is such a perfect segue.  Why didn't I think of it?  Humor is such a tricky thing; such a fine line, between clever and stupid.