Denard, other rookies discuss Star Trek

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Nothing too exciting, but anything Denard is blog worthy. I noticed his hand was taped up; really taking a long time to recover, unless its precautionary. Not sure if the video is able to be embedded, maybe someone else can tackle that.



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This is almost as cool as the time Captain Pic...Patrick Stewart conducted the band at halftime during the 2006 Ball State game. 


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It's more mythological arch-types than Bradbury. But Star Trek attempts to be real, but barely. I'm not sure I see the difference between Warp Speed and Hyperspace.  And try scientifically explaining how a transporter is going to work in 200 years. They just needed a cheap way to get people from ship to planet without a lot of expensive shuttle models.


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Bought both trilogies so I'd finally have my own copies, and it's still there. Honestly I'm not sure you can get rid of it since it's part of that sequence where Han is getting so frustrated before coming back for Leah as the ice starts to cave in. Maybe not an integral plot device, but the evacuation might look weird without it.

If anyone cares, I think it's something like:
IV V     III  VI          II               I.

Yes, I realize my placement of IV and V is weird. Whatever.


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You wouldn't be lost, though I'd recommend at least seeing the first reboot movie (2009). At most you'll be missing out on a lot of canonical references, but that's not vital to your enjoying the movie.

As a pretty die hard Trek fan, I think it's definitely worth seeing. 


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I mean, they killed Kirk because he was too fat to hold on. Great way to end a classic character.

I mean, aren't all the movies basically action movie spectacles, because they're, you know, movies? (Other than The Motion Picture...and as you wisely point out, that's not a good thing). 

People forget the Original Series was sold and done as "Wagon Train to the Stars."  The fact that there was smart tv in addition to adventure is what made it great. I'm just glad they found a way to get back to those original characters, and not give us the latest crew of the latest lesser version of the Enterprise.  And they knocked the ball out of the park with casting such iconic character portrayals.


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I agree. Not all of the movies can be Wrath of Khan or The Undiscovered Country. For what it's worth, I find the reboot interesting. I like seeing his alternate Star Trek universe. I'll be interested to see if he finds a way for them to force their way back into the timeline of the originals by some "fate" plot device.


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I think DS9 is clearly the best series of them all. TNG was very episodic and excellent on its own merits, whereas DS9 was an entire (and epic!) story arc that took place over seven seasons. I think the fact that DS9 is "parked" near Bajor allows the show to dig very deep into issues and subject matter. In this sense there was a lot more political intrigue with so many moving parts, characters and factions with different goals and interests.



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Isn't this far more "not Star Trek?"  Space, the Final Frontier...these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise....etc.

And that's another point you bring up....other than the Borg, after the Klingons, Romulans and TOS races, alien bad guys in the Next Generation were lame.

Cali Wolverine

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...Iron Man is a much better movie. First JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot was far better than this mess. Even JJ Abrams thinks Star Wars is better...isn't he leaving Star Trek to work on Star Wars?


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Yes, but its supposed to be because of movie tie in sales.  I think its CBS(?) has the rights to TV show/Star Trek as a whole and Paramount has the rights to the movies/has to lease the rights even though they used to be under the same umbrella. 

The TV side keeps selling "classic" merch and it has pissed JJ off because he feels its confusing to the public as those characters (obviously) do not show up in his movies (PS I'm talking Shatner as Kirk). 


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Agree. IM3 was the worst of the lot.

I would have believed powerful alien rings (already established as possible with the Mjolnir, the ice casket and the Tesseract) than taking a drug that in a few hours makes you a cross between the human torch and the wolverine.

And what happend to the armor? He can survive a nuke, Thor's hammer and being chopped up in the world's largest hovercraft engine but in this movie every suit is frail and either melting or falling apart.