[Denard officially runs 4.43 40 at NFL combine]

Submitted by Wendyk5 on February 24th, 2013 at 11:47 AM

OP Edit: After all is said and done, Denard officially ran a 4.43. Shoelaces still officially tied. Done. 


Initial hand time: First 40 for Denard: 4.34. Shoelaces tied, according to Michael Irvin. 

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Denard catching everything early in the on field workouts. Only criticism so far is his ability as a "natural" pass catcher. Michael Irvin made a nice observation in regards to the spacing of his hands upon the arrival of the ball.

Seems as if he is showing GMs what they had to see. Excited to see his pro day in a more comfortable setting.

Perkis-Size Me

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I'd much rather be hearing this than whether or not he had a good 40 time. Everyone and their mother knows Denard is fast, and he's still not 100% yet with regards to his injury. What he needed to prove is that he could catch, and apparently he's doing that. If he shows he can catch everything thrown his way, there's no reason he can't go second or third round.

There's a lot for scouts and GMs to like about Denard right now.


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Here are the Top 10 40-times as they stand among WRs per NFL.com right now:


Marquise Goodwin Texas 4.27
Tavon Austin West Virginia 4.34
Ryan Swope Texas A&M 4.34
Josh Boyce TCU 4.38
Kenny Stills Oklahoma 4.38
Cordarrelle Patterson Tennessee 4.42
Corey Fuller Virginia Tech 4.43
Denard Robinson Michigan 4.43
Justin Hunter Tennessee 4.44
Markus Wheaton Oregon State 4.45



February 25th, 2013 at 2:05 AM ^

All this talk about his 40 time, but once you get into the upper echelon of speed do hundredths of a second really matter to the NFL scouts? I'm more concerned that he is basically new to the position and missed the experience at receiver that all the others got. Would love to see this great Michigan man do well in the NFL.


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Are quite inaccurate of a measurement, even at the combine. As a track guy, I laugh at the measurement. The NFL has what it needs, he's fast. Then you look at the tape and see how explosive he is, and the ability to run away from everyone on the field.

The biggest question for NFL scouts is getting off the line, getting into and out of routes and then being a reliable receiver. Particularly with the type of throws to maximize Denard's speed.