[Denard officially runs 4.43 40 at NFL combine]

Submitted by Wendyk5 on February 24th, 2013 at 11:47 AM

OP Edit: After all is said and done, Denard officially ran a 4.43. Shoelaces still officially tied. Done. 


Initial hand time: First 40 for Denard: 4.34. Shoelaces tied, according to Michael Irvin. 

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I think that's better than most of us were expecting, I'm glad he got that out of the way on his first run. If he somehow does better on his second attempt that'll be fantastic, but you've got to believe he's happy with the fastest time a Michigan player has ever run at the combine.

Congrats, Mr. Robinson.

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In case you were curious, here's how that compares to some of the top 40's in combine history:

Chris Johnson - 4.24 (2008)

Tavon Austin - 4.25 (2013)

Marquise Goodwin - 4.25 (2013)

Darrius Heyward-Bey - 4.25 (2009)

Champ Bailey - 4.28 (1999)

Jerome Mathis - 4.28 (2005)

Jacoby Ford - 4.28 (2010)


Bo Jackson also reportedly ran a 4.12 in 1986.  Don't think that was laser timed though FWIW.


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So Denard is the only one using this stance at the combine? I'm thinking his 'slow' time might have more to do with a kid who worked for 4 years at the QB position competing with guys who spent 3 to 4 years at the WR position. That's the difference that makes a difference. Your point contains no difference at all. 


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About half the guys have false started on their runs. Denard did it once on the first run and twice on the second. That wasted burst costs them. My point is that it would be more applicable if they just did a 2-point stance that WRs use or the 3-point stance that OL, TE, and FB use. If they use one of those stances, they'll get much better and more consistent results.


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All this "they know how fast he really is" is just blind homerism. I guess that while Denard is really faster than his time, everyone else is either equal or slower than their times. The point is that Denard spent the last few years focusing more on throwing, timing, reading, while the other guys focused more on running, catching, and blocking. He's really fast, but he's really fast for a guy who played QB, not for a guy who played WR or RB. 


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They don't win anything for this, so there would be no point in either of those.  It's an overall assessment.  They're just looking at how fast the guys are.  If a guy ran a 4.34 on one, he's pretty dang fast.  He ran slower the second time, so he didn't get as good of a start, but he's still capable of crazy speed.  The start is essentially neutralized in a game so I don't really see much of a difference between hundredths of a second for scouting purposes.