Denard not a Heisman Finalist

Submitted by BiSB on December 6th, 2010 at 6:02 PM

ESPN is announcing the Heisman finalists in the next few minutes. 

I can haz Denard?

EDIT: Nope. Sad Panda

EDIT II: ...but this happened. So we've got that going for us.



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The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity

I must say--this should be very obvious.  A great player who has a history of problems likely did not pursue excellence with integrity.  He was kicked off the Florida team.  That should factor into his 'pursuit' of excellence.  The MSM is completely blind to this apparently....


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....once before on this board. This is why the Heisman has become a joke. You'd think that after the Reggie Bush incident that the voters would have gotten the message. Luck would make a great addition to the winners club, but won't get the votes over Newton.

Years from now, Newton will be an afterthought, not giving his school any love while Luck will always be known for his play at Stanford, as well as the fact that he graduated from there as well.


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I don't understand how a quarterback who has to get a running start in order to throw the ball forty yards can be a Heisman finalist. I'm talking to you, Kellen Moore.

Oh well, Denard would win the Heisman if he played in the WAC. He'll be a favorite going into next season, assuming we're still running a spread.


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Outstanding season and he still has a couple of years to improve. With the overall record and inteceptions it's understandable he wasn't nominated.


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But honestly, Denard has done everything that LaMichael James has, but also throwing the ball a lot.  If you compared those two side by side, what would be the argument for James? 


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Nothing in that quote about the Heisman says anything about how high you team is in the rankings.  I think its ridiculous that James is there but Denard isn't.  


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The Heisman trophy has come down to being "The most outstanding player on the most undefeated team with the exception of the OLine and the entire defense."


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where have you dudes been? Denard hasn't been a serious Heisman candidate in two months... the winner is always media ordained and Denard has been irrelevant to the national media since we lost to MSU.

Neg me to oblivion, these are facts. Anyone expecting him to be in New York wasn't paying attention for the past two months.


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I was hoping that he'd make the finals, but I'm not shocked that he didn't The only thing keeping Denard from NYC is the 7-5 record.    The guys that are going to be there definitely deserve it, but if Michigan was 10-2 or even 9-3, I've got to believe that he would be there too.   As it is, my guess is that he'll still be in the top 10-- maybe even 5th.   He'll be with a second tier that's likely to include guys like Mallett, Weeden, Blackmon.  

Denard will definitely be on list of leading contenders next season.  My guess is that he'll be on top of a list that will include Terrelle Pryor (unless he makes good on his promise to quit because he is the worst quarterback ever), Landry Jones, Nick Foles, John Clay, Weeden and Blackmon (assumes that both Luck and Mallett are gone after this season). 


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Denard Robinson deserves congratulations and recognition for an outstanding season, but to make it to the top four of the Heisman votes this year, he might’ve needed an impossible season of 2,500 yards rushing, 2,500 yards passing and 50 TDs to overcome the Wolverines second-half 2-5 slide. As others have said, when the injuries and turnovers began to increase, his Heisman hopes began to decrease, even though his overall stats compare favorably to many who may finish higher in the Heisman voting than him.

Although predictions about future results are nice for fueling debate, and barring a CC at UM and a transfer, "Shoelace" should be somewhere on the list of potential candidates for the award, it may be way too early to begin predicting next year’s Heisman Trophy winner.

Here’s ESPN’s Ivan Maisel’s list of the top 20 Heisman hopefuls as of last August. Conspicuous by his absence was Cam Newton, QB, Auburn.

1. Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama; 2. Jake Locker, QB, Washington; 3. Terrelle Pryor, QB, Ohio State; 4. Christian Ponder, Florida State; 5. Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State; 6. Evan Royster, RB, Penn State; 7. Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas; 8. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State; 9. Ricky Dobbs, QB. Navy; 10. Jerrod Johnson, QB, Texas A&M; 11. Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh; 12. Case Keenum, QB, Houston; 13. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford; 14. Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma; 15. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon; 16. Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa; 17. Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech; 18. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama; 19. Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame; 20. Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia

Here’s a list of 19 players whom someone called The Sports Librarian predicted for the 2010 Heisman watch list back in January. Of those 19 (none of whom are named Cam Newton), three will be joining Newton in NYC, and only Mallett and Kaepernick may finish in the top 10 of the votes.

Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State; Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State; Jeremiah Masoli, QB, Oregon; LaMichael James, RB, Oregon; Dion Lewis, RB, Pitt; Kellen Moore, QB. Boise State; Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford; Terrelle Pryor, QB, Ohio State; AJ Green, WR, Georgia; Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas; Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech; Jacory Harris, QB, Miami; Case Keenum, QB, Houston; Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama; Andy Dalton, QB, TCU; Garrett Gilbert, QB, Texas; Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada; Jake Locker, QB, Washington; Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia

Clarence Beeks

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I'm sorry, but I don't understand how a player that sets the single season QB rushing record while playing for a major school in a major conference and on a team that is not very good isn't at least invited to New York.  It's essentially like the Big Ten POY, but not selected for his position situation.  It just doesn't make sense.  If the award really were awarded to the most outstanding player in college football it is completely irrational to think that he wouldn't at least be there.  I'm not saying that he would, or should, win, but he should be there.  It's just further proof (not that we really needed more) that the Heisman really is not awarded for the reason(s) that it is supposed to be awarded anymore.


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I assume there is some other, more prestigious award, that Denard has been nominated for and thus no longer qualifies for the Heisman?

I  know at the very least Denard is the winner of this year's repole Really Nice Person and Great(est) Football Player Too Award, which from what I've gathered is a pretty big deal.