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August 24th, 2012 at 4:14 PM ^

I'm not positive that anyone actually watches Michigan State. I watched the BTN preview for them today and Dinardo was lucky to come up with any names during the discussions of different positions, and Gholston gets all of this hype having done nothing last year. It would be one thing if all of the players on their defense sucked, but with players like Bullough and Allen (really anyone else in the the front 7 two-deep) making more plays than Gholston the only conclusion is that no one is watching. 

But on this topic, if people take Burkhead over Denard that's just insanity. 


August 24th, 2012 at 4:55 PM ^

Gholston's hype is for his look, physical prowess and his - most importanty - his potential. Some pretty credible sites have him as a possible first-rounder next year in early mocks.


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I think it is a little of that and also because he did have a great game in the Outback Bowl win for them.  He is also a physical specimen.  I can't wait to see the battle between him and Lewan again this season.  


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seems like the trend is that, if you play well in a bowl game, that's what defines you as a player. gholston had a great bowl game. so, obviously, that's how good he's going to be all year. he also tried to twist off denard's head thinking that no cameras would catch the act. so, he is also a genius. and, finally, dirtiness equates to intimidating/good in some people's minds (see, e.g., idiot Drew Sharp).


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Story is, when he visited U of M while being recruited, we kept accidently calling him Tom instead of his real name, which infuriated Tom (I mean Will) and created a bit of anger between him and us.  That part of the story I believe may be true and is told by Gholston himself.

Also, rumor has it, Lewan called him Tom seconds before Gholston threw his infamous punch...


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Is this list based off of hype, or actual production? If these spots were earned then Drob, Short, and Hankins would be higher rated. Also, ill take Fitz over Burkhead.


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That's absurd. If you want to take Ball, go for it, but Denard is clearly a top 2 football player in the Big Ten. I don't care how much he can't pass the football, what other QB are you taking right now? Blank stare...