Denard in the NCAA 14 cover vote finals -- VOTE

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Denard is (losing early) in the finals against Ryan Swope from Texas A&M. Everybody go vote & spread this around, or complain about how you don't want Denard on the cover because of the Madden curse(?)!

I'm sure Denard gets money off of this and has been promoting this himself, so let's give the man what he wants!

Go vote here:

Go Blue!



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Reasons to vote

1. puts money in denards pocket

2. every kid,recruit, and fan will see the winged helment an the face of Michigans program on the cover

3. Denard is a great young man on and off the field

4. Everyone is hating on Denard, OSU,MSU,SEC,and even the game creators look at these comments


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Id Denard Robinson is on the cover I eill not buy NCAA 14. I woukd rather have Ryan Swope. And I hate aTm. But atleast hes a good ballplayer
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  • Jordan Krumrey A&M has not always been good. Have you watched any college football in your life time? Get a clue. Why do you think they have fired like their last 3 coaches or so? Because they have SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even think I was alive the last time they won a conference title and I'm a man, I'm 23 lol (Gundy ...Ok State HC...reference since you likely wouldn't know)
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  • Mách Númerocinco you might wanna save that 60 bucks... and put it toward a writing/spelling class..


Lets all face it Denard has 0 chance of beating Swope. Team SEC will of course prevail. How you can cheer for a whole conference is crazy. And every fan base in the Big Ten hates Michigan besides Michigan. Lets just say I am pretty confident Swope wins this and by a wide margin. But one thing is for sure, whoever gets on the cover will probably be the worst player that has ever been on it. Maybe outside of Tebow.
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  • Benjamin Mandrell I'm not judging based on fan bias. I judge based on how i feel. I'm not going to say i hate the SEC for example and then go, I bet they're going to win. But enough of this, you have no problem defending your views. Can you please address the troll accusations now?
  • Craig Daniel Moncus Alot of people hate the SEC and will vote for the underdog new guy who came in a took down the top dog in the SEC and showed everyone that Bama is beatable.


    This is gonna be so funny!! A backup QB on the cover. This is just like the Walmart sweepstakes to bring Pitbull to play at your Walmart and the lil Alaska town won
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    Oh, I get it now... You guys want to do something a little different this go around. I didnt realize that you wanted to put the MOST OVERRATED/OVER HYPED player in the nation on the cover.. Well played EA, well played, Denard it is!
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    • Tyler Effin West But the speed and talent level is on a different level here in the SEC compared to other conferences.. Oregon wouldnt win 10 games in the SEC going week in and week out against the speed and quality players on the defensive side of the ball... Oregon f...See More
    • Tyler Effin West You would think other programs would have taken a page out the SEC book and try to get players in their system...Urban Myer is the only one that gets that, he will turn Ohio State into an SEC like program in the Big Ten. When he does, thats when the tr...See More


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I could see manziel(not eligible) but swope isnt the face of Texas a&m. Denard is a great human and terrific athlete. Show your love by voting for him!!


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If Browns fans managed to get Peyton Hillis on the cover of Madden, Michigan fans should be able to get Denard on the cover of NCAA 14. Do your civic duty - get out and vote!

State Street

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Someone needs to reach out to the UT community.  There is no way the coalition of Michigan/B1G/Texas loses this thing.

Plus, you gotta figure half of SEC fans don't even have internet connection in their double-wides.


February 26th, 2013 at 1:25 PM ^

Denard has the support of Big-10 nation. 

You can eliminate any support from ohio and little brother. Also likely Nebraska and Wisconsin. So we may get sympathy votes from Northwestern, Iowa, Minnesota, Penn State, and Purdue. And Illinois and Indiana don't have football fans. And I don't think Maryland and Rutgers are committed to the Big-10 way of life yet.

So it's Michigan + NW, Iowa, Minn, PSU, and Purdue. 

At least that's how I see it. 

But I did forget that all of Texas (minus A&M fans) will be voting against them. 


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C'Mon MGoPeople!!! Denard gave us years of glory, the least we can do is give him the cover over some WR NOBODY outside of Dixieland has ever heard of. MUST....WIIIINNNN....


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Does anyone have good contacts with ShaggyBevo and other Texas blogs?  TigerDroppings?  Any Arkansas blogs?  They'll all be very happy to help lead a charge against Swope and TAMU.

Darth Wolverine

February 26th, 2013 at 2:53 PM ^

I simply can't wait for some Michigan fan to say, "Well I like Denard, but the other guy really deserves it, so I'm not voting for Denard."

This happens all the time with online/fan voting polls. These things aren't about who deserves what (although Denard certainly does deserve this), rather getting our guys in the spotlight. Just vote for Denard.