Darth Wolverine

January 17th, 2012 at 9:46 PM ^

That's what I love about Denard's (and others') being there. They are showing they aren't just football players, but students like everyone else. You don't see that very often at other schools and if it is more common, it seems they don't get as much camera time as other schools' players.


And yes I typed that subject line myself. Just wanted to see what it looks like since it doesn't do it with Macs.


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Lets not forget these are kids.. For all the burdens we put on their performance.. Its awesome to see them having a great time surrounded by other students and kids.. That said.. I expect no less then 2000 yds rushing 50 tds and a natl championship ring ... Hey if you have time to go to a game your game better be solid right?
<br>Goblue.. The sharty sweep is coming again!


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I'm sure that this is a dumb question, but at one point they showed Denard and Roundtree reaching out for the shirts that the cheerleaders throw up into the crowd.  If one of them had gotten one, would this have been an NCAA violation, because not every student had the opportunity to get a free t-shirt?

Again, I apologize for what I'm guessing will be tagged as flamebait, but I was curious what would happen here.


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Sorry!  Also, I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer or anything.  I know we won, it was just something that kind of stuck out to me.  Plus, I feel like the NCAA has done enough dumb things that it's hard to ever write them off


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Sir or madam:

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate your avatar. Earlier this month, I met a woman in New Orleans outside the Sheraton who had a purse that was based off your avatar: it looked exactly as it would appear on the periodic table of elements, except cooler than school. You wouldn't happen to be this woman, would you?


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No, kind sir, I am not a woman not was I outside the Sheraton in New Orleans. I do however appreciate you making mgoblog a community where we do not reflexively assume everyone is male.

If you look at our blog, you can also find designs for Martin, Van Bergen, and Heininger.


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I loved the shot of him learning how to dance for 'Blues Brothers,' and cracking up. 

Naturally, the camera zoomed in on his expression when MSU got their first lead of the night.  I thought for sure if we lost this game, Spartan fans would make that shot their screen saver. 

I want to see him celebrating like that after beating those guys at the big house this Fall.


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I was lovin watchin him juss enjoy being a kid. Go Blue!!! Now we juss gotta kick their ass in football year after year and all will be rite in the year