Denard leading Rivals QB Power Rankings

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Nestled on top of the heap, Denard sleeps soundly tonight, assured that come Saturday afternoon he will dazzle the national audience with another 500+ DenYard performance.


Note that Pryor is footnoted for his six TD's in a Tressel production of "Lets Run Up the Score on a Helpless MAC Team So That OSU Gets Some Style Points and Pryor can Pad Some Stats".  

Incredible that Denard gets no love for his 12 minutes of work and 225+ QB rating performance.  


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Then you know the real story, right?  About what a psycho-dad Mike was, about how Justin came back to Pickerington every weekend that it was possible to do so, and how Mike and Hope freaked out when Zach didn't get a Michigan offer, and pulled Justin out of Michigan.

And you probably know how Mike had done much the same thing with Zach, when he pulled Zach out of Pickerington North and enrolled him at Central, because Mike didn't like the football coaches at North.

I don't understand why you'd be "ashamed" at having grown up gone to school in Pickerington.  But I'm guessing that you could probably confirm the mostly-untold (by the mainstream media) details of the Boren story.


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He was inclined to do so from the start.

It was the way he did it by insulting our program publicly.

This is why I dislike him so.

Some day I hope he realizes that what he did was classless.  But being that he is getting stroked by every OSU fan in existence - it is doubtful.

I hope if the reverse ever happens, it is handled with more dignity.  


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but their list of top head coaches features BILL SNYDER - THE SAUSAGE KING OF SUCKING ASS - and not RichRod.

Granted, ranking players and coaches is sophomoric and a stupid thing to argue about, but that is just so awful it has to be mentioned to avoid anybody confusing Rivals with people who know anything about anything.

STW P. Brabbs

September 29th, 2010 at 6:26 AM ^

Bill Snyder is basically the Barry Alvarez of the Big 12 - he deserves some credit for turning an otherwise abysmal program around to above-average mediocrity, but nowhere near all the kudos he get from the national media due to his lifelong penchant for being a fucking pansy about scheduling.  Not following the Big 12 as closely as the Big Ten, I'm not sure if Snyder had the same self-promoting whininess about his program as Barry.  If so, he truly deserves the crown of SAUSAGE KING OF FUCKING ASS.