Denard getting some love - possibly larger role in Jags offense

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"As you filter through the Jaguars’ 20-19 loss to the Chicago Bears in the second game of the 2014 preseason, that indeed is one of the things that stands out – that Denard Robinson appears to be playing his way into a larger role. He rushed for six yards on 34 carries(sic-supposed to be 34 yards on 6 carries), and looked quick to the sidelines as well as confident through the middle of the line during his extensive playing time in the third quarter. Robinson also worked some at kickoff returner Thursday, an indication that the Jaguars are comfortable enough with Robinson to again start working him into various roles to take advantage of his speed and playmaking"…



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I've been watching Michigan Football since 1982, and I've never seen a Michigan player more beloved by the fan base than Denard.  Not just as a player, but as a person.

I suppose there could have been some guy in 1922 or so more beloved, but I doubt it.



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Is 180 degrees from the way Michigan could treat its best player. I hope he has a nice few games and people get to see what he can do, but I fear he is too slight for all those hits. Even in that game he got tagged pretty well.

Ali G Bomaye

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It's on the lighter side, but it's not ridiculous.  Lesean McCoy (208 lbs) led the NFL in touches from scrimmage last year, and Jamaal Charles (200 lbs) and Chris Johnson (195 lbs) were also in the top 5.  None of those guys have had recurring injury problems, other than Charles' ACL injury a couple years ago.


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I have Denard on an auction bid dynasty league signed to a five year contract... I have no intention of ever dropping him even if he never starts a game.

IMPORTANT EDIT: That being said, he's going to do something this year for the Jags... Just too talented.

Blue from Ohio

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I'm a Bears fan but being preseason I was pulling for Denard in the game the other night.  I was one of t e RR supporters and thought he never got a fair chance from the beginning, but I think no matter which side of the argument you're on, we should all be grateful to RR for bringing Denard to Michigan.  Denard was the ultimate Michigan man and not only gave us reason to get excited for 4 seasons every time he touched the ball, but also for the way he represented the university.  Truly a Michigan man.


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Not only because of his speed and playmaking ability but because of his attitude. Denard was extremely supportive of both coaches and coordinators that he played for. He supported other programs within the University. Does not surprise me that he has worked hard and is going to make in the NFL despite not being considered as a QB.


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In Mason hall two years ago on my way to a summer class.  I said something that hopefully sounded like hello to him.  He immediately smiled, stretched out his hand, and said "hey man, hows it going?  Good to see you."   

Thinking back on that memory, it sticks with me that he said "see you" instead of "meet you", as if we were friends.  Awesome guy.

Love the Lions as well as the (Wherever-Denard-plays) Jags!

Thanks for reading my cool story bro.


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which they now realize explained his ball-handling difficulties last season, so they'll trust him again and let him try more things.  He's also spent time in the gym and looks much less delicate than before.  But he can still flash that smile. 

rob f

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some of the comments about Denard (most of them positive) from Jags fans on that linked website, I found out that the Jags play the Lions at Ford this Friday, 7:30 pm. 

Denard at Ford vs. the Lions---how many here were aware of a chance to see him again and show him some love in a venue so close to Ann Arbor?

I'm not yet saying that I've decided to go, but it is a possibility---if it was a regular-season game I'd definitely make the trip. 


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A quick reminder: tickets for this Friday's game between the Lions and the Jags at Ford Field can still be had for less than ten bucks. Hoping to see a whole bunch of people out there to cheer Denard's homecoming the first time he comes on the field!

Mr. Yost

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And Denard is currently taking the game over. Just picked up the fumble and ran it in...then threw the fade to Gallon. We're back in the game.