Denard Career Rushing Record Update

Submitted by Lionsfan on September 23rd, 2012 at 11:12 AM

During the game last night, Denard had 90 yards of rushing, bringing his season total up to 441 after 4 games. At this point in his career he trails Pat White (4,480) by 810 yards with 8 games to go.

So Denard needs to average 101.25 yards on the ground for the remainder of the season to break the record



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Denard needs to be a bit more selfish sometimes to help the team win.  He'll be much more effective tucking and running and gaining solid yardage than sitting back waiting for a receiver to get open.  Tuck it and run a few times on designed pass plays and you give the D something extra to think about, then later in the game when they start to cheat up is when you start to distribute it off to your receivers.  The quickness and speed of Denard opens up opportunities from the defense.  If he just takes what is given to him we'll be fine.


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The main issue that I think Denard alluded to in his presser after the ND loss is exactly this. Typically, if a pocket passer has nothing open down the field, he throws it away. Denard, on the other hand, should never do this, and rarely does. What he has been doing is forcing throws in lieu of throwing it away. What I think he is going to do moving forward is tuck the ball and run when things break down with his receivers. When you have his skillset and instinct to make a play, you must have him make the safest play available. That play is to run the ball, not throw it away like a typical picket passer. I believe he recognized this now and we will see more "creating" and less INTs the test if the season.


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If you "don't care," why did you both click on the thread and make a comment?  

Denard doesn't care about individual stats, but it's OK for fans to want to see good things happen for him.  Denard sacrificed a lot of personal glory to stay at Michigan.  We owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude.  I hope Michigan runs the table in the Big Ten, and Denard gets the record.


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I would love to see Denard have the record, he deserves it.  In ten years, it will be nice to see his name come up in the record books.  I won't remember yesterday, I'll remember UTL 2011.


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people focus on the good when he plays well (see: all of last weeks posts).  people focus on the bad when he plays poorly.  When he has the worst game of his career in a loss, more of the negatives will be disucssed


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Here are a few other Denard Robinson highlights:

 - 8 of the top 10 Michigan single game performance for yards of total offense

- 5 of the top 10 Big Ten performances for rushing yards by a QB in a single game

- 2 of the top 5 Michigan single-season performances for yards of total offense

- 7th in career passing yards at Michigan, also 7th in completions

- 5th in career passing TDs, 7th in career rushing TDs  (on a list of  mostly RBs)

You don't have to be in first in every category to impress, of course. His name is prominent in Michigan history as it is. It's not over this year by any means, and it has already  been, by the numbers, a great career at Michigan for Denard Robinson. 


Darker Blue

September 23rd, 2012 at 1:58 PM ^

to win a B1G title. Let's not give up on them yet. And after everything that Denard has done here nobody has any right to talk shit. Everybody is allowed to have a bad game. Go Blue


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none of the fanboys mention another top spot he took over in our record books last night,  most interceptions.  And he has 50% of the attempts that the second place guy (Henne) had.

Course that doesn't matter.