Denard appreciation thread

Submitted by MichiganMan20 on October 28th, 2012 at 12:43 AM

After watching the second half debacle by our offense, I now appreciate Denard more so than ever before. I think I speak for all of you when I say we are REALLY going to miss him next year.



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Since when did calling a QB an unintelligent QB an offense of anything but an opinion?!? I agree. He is clearly our entire offense, live or die by him in health or injury but he is not a smart QB. He panics under the most basic pressure most of the time, often throws into double/triple coverage because he knew who he was throwing to before the snap, rarely knows when to take off on non-designed runs and when he does he often takes the absolute wrong route, etc.

Not to mention horribly inaccurate, bad footworkn mechanics, etc. That said, he is our offense and best chance to win. Obviously. I, too, love the kid but cant want to get back to a moderately mobile QB who "gets" the position. "Old School UM QBs", in short.


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Well that is absolutely horrible, IMHO. No excuse or reason to do anything but agree, disagree or be indifferent to an honest opinion. Everyone with half a brain knew he was calling him an unintelligent PLAYER or QB, not a person.

It's a football blog/forum that, AFAIK, is not located in North Korea. He wasnt insulting Denard as a person (or a player, really). Just an opinion that the facts support......IN MY OPINION.


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Blue, I get what you're going at -- Denard is obviously a smart kid. Every time I've heard him speak he seems to have a wonderful head on his shoulders, and let's be honest: stupid kids don't get degrees at UM. I absolutely love cheering for the kid, and I couldn't be happier that he's on our side.


That said, Denard's football IQ is honestly not very good. He seems to struggle mightily to read defenses prior to the snap, he has struggled with his reads on the zone read option his entire career (either that or he's consistently being coached to hold on to the option a second and a half longer than pretty much every QB I've ever seen). He's also been inconsistent on his passing reads (reference: Aaaaaarrrrrggggh Denard throws).


Denard is an incredible talent and a phenomenal gamer. He plays incredibly hard. But he seems to have struggled to find consistent coaching throughout his career, especially the last two. With Denard at the helm, this is the kind of team that should be up-tempo and letting the coaching staff call audibles on the sideline (I'm in favor of the coaching staff calling audibles for just about anyone not named Luck or Manning, that's not a dig on Denard). Instead our offense seems unable to adapt to what they're seeing. That's obviously not all Denard (I would argue at least half of it is coaching). 


Without Denard, this team is probably 7-5 at best. He's such an incredible, dynamic player who changes the tenor of the play on the field simply by being out there. But it's important to remember that he's not perfect, and I really think that criticizing his football IQ is a legitimate point to bring up.


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Yes, sorry. I wouldn't say that Denard isn't a smart kid (obviously...if he wasn't, he'd be going to MSU ;)), and considering the other posts in this thread it's obvious that was a troll. I just did feel like he could have made a legitimate point if it were better worded.


The Audibles thing, you're right, is an iffy point of argument. I do feel like Denard's incredibly slow zone reads are helping to contribute to the lack of production out of Fitz this season. At this point, he is what he is, though. The good and bad are just a part of why we love him.


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Aside from the generally offensive nature of your post, allow me to observe what I remind myself whenever Denard makes a mistake.

This game can be Moneyballed into simple math. You need to get yards to get TDs, you need TDs to win. Denard has been shattering Michigan and national records. That doesn't just happen.



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I don't even want to think about next year without Denard. I hope he gets well soon -- our chances to watch him play football in a Michigan uniform are dwindling, and I'll take as many chances as I can get.


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As of right now? Maybe. LOL *sadface*.........but know this IS a Denard offense. We have no WRs (somehow, despite teams like Iowa yearly finding a good one who was a LB the year before) we can rely on for him to throw to. He has thrown roughly 20 passes, all on the road and when losing against decent defenses so he is getting 8 man blitzes when the route trees are 10+ yards.

Bellomy is that kind of kid who can be a real good college QB as a RS Jr-Sr if under the same system the whole time. Not as a RS Fr, in a system designed for Denard.

Gardner is clearly a WR now (for good) so next year it's Bellomy or Morris tossing to Gardner, JR, JJ, AD, etc. Oh, also behind a potential line of RS Fr-So.

We all must face reality: We are Denard this year and next year will look different but might look even more inept. Yet, it's like a stock. Don't sell the second it dips a bit when the future looks bright. I think half of our concern/anger is what nd and osu are doing compared.


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I realize I'm going to get negged to hell, but this thread is ridiculous. Without Denard (and  Richrod) we would've recruited a QB who had some semblance of an arm, with a downfield threat. The reason our offense can't function without Denard is because we have no downfield threat whatsoever. Whoever we play can simply stack the box and stop our offense with ease.


Once we have a seasoned Shane Morris with a reasonable back-up, we'll laugh on these days.




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As promising as Hoke looks at re-installing stability, it is still puzzling that our whole season  revolves around one guy or one position, staying healthy.  Why not have gardner take reps in practice at QB too so it's not total feast or famine?  If Denard is somehow, for some reason not able to return this year, it would not be totally insane to predict an 0-4 finish with Bellomy starting and playing every game.  

How is that?  How does this staff justify revolving ALL of our offensive potency around a RUNNING quarterback and NOT have a legitimate back up plan, and remain in stable cardiac condition everytime Denard tucks it and runs?  I understand it is the reminants of rich rod's philosophy to have whole team's success revolve around one position, but is it above your pay grade to at least have a Steven Threet caliber back up plan?????  Ughhhh.

Monocle Smile

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When will things STOP being Rich Rod's fault?

Hoke and co. failed to take a QB in the 2012 class despite M taking one every year for the past 16 or so. They also took Russell Bellomy instead of a more college-ready quarterback.

Now we see why this was a terrible idea.


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Words can't begin to describe the DERP in this post. "No downfield threat", that's not on Denard, that's on not having a WR who can catch the ball consistently. And as far as Shane Morris goes, are you really putting all your eggs into the basket of a HS who hasn't set foot on campus yet? Jeebus man, I don't want to know what'll happen if he doesn't live up to every single expectation of him


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I think it's odd that we have a QB shattering offensive records and at the same time being called awful (by some on this board). It seems like everyone is arguing polar opposites.


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Denard is a wonderful athlete and ambassador for the Michigan program; however, he has become too critical to the team's success. When the outcome of a game rests solely on one man's shoulders, the weight will eventually become too much to bear. I love Denard but his particular skill set has pigeon holed the offense into a manner in which it must revolve around his skills. when he cannot play, this comes back to bite us as evidenced tonight. Furthermore, his skills, while amazing at times, can be nullified by higher end defenses. We now have had three games in one season without scoring a touchdown. Neither Threet nor Sheridan can make that claim. Let us hope that he gets better and we can dance with the girl we brought to the dance for the remainder of the season. Next year brings a new hope and a new set of challenges, but rest assured, our hopes will rely on the entire team and not the shoulders of one young, courageous man.


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If Borges is the guy everyone wants him to be (he's not) he has a contingency plan when his bell cow is out (he doesn't).

Denard puts Al on his back the same way he does the rest of the offense.

His receivers do nothing to help him out, the lead back is WAY inside of his own head, and the right side of the line is totally out of sync. the offense is pigeonholed because no one else is making plays.

Greg McMurtry

October 28th, 2012 at 4:03 AM ^

DG at qb tonite. I'm not a football coach, but that's what I would've done. I thought this game was a loss as soon as Denard went out. So I went to a Halloween party and stopped watching. It was a good decision so I've heard.


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I think we'll appreciate him most next year, when he's gone for good.  The new starter (whether Shane or Bellomy) is bound to have significant growing pains next year.  I was hoping that Devin would be the guy stepping in with some experience to run the offense while Morris developed as his backup, but that doesn't seem likely anymore.

Gardner was a 5-star coming in, and we were set up to have a much smoother transition than what we're likely to have now.  

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a new day..A day closer to a B1G championship. Denard will be back Saturday, and I have faith in this coaching staff to do what it takes. I just thought we would of had a better backup plan. One thing is clear, if Bellomy is the number two guy, he needs to be more involved in practice. Not saying he isn't more involved, but from what I see, It isn't transferring to the field..Like I said, I love this coaching staff, and I know Michigan is headed for greatness. " Those who stay will be champions ".


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Denard has played two full games without a TD this year and half of one last night.  I don't blame Denard for any of it.  You have to look no further than Borges.  He has the most exciting player in college football and he runs the most bland offensive scheme of anyone.


October 28th, 2012 at 10:27 AM ^

but denard was throwing balls last night that were accurate, risk averse, and well timed. if chad henne had thrown those balls there would be a million posts of WR hand-wringing. roundtree (oh Roy...not good buddy), Hopkins, and the erstwhile backup QB spring to mind immediately.


October 28th, 2012 at 12:44 PM ^

Indisputable, eh? B.S. The replays were inconclusive. Personal foul call on the sideline was hilariously terrible. I almost understand if its a heated rivalry game, but the zebras were clamping down to keep it in hand, but these teams don't hate each other like that yet! He didn't hit him! He didn't even trip him! He grabbed him and held him while they danced sideways outta bounds! He prevented him from being knocked over DAMN IT! You could feel it then, we would be lucky to get outta there with a W.


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Denard has been our offense for a while now, which is why we are so hit or miss.  If he gets off we put up big numbers.  If he can't, we struggle mightily.  And, if he's out, we flat out can't move the ball in a forward direction.  This makes me very scared for next year.  I hope Gardner comes out next week (assuming Denard is out) and puts that to rest with a good performance, but right now I'm worried about a lof of positions next year.

Offensive Line

LT - If Lewan goes will Magnuson be ready?

LG - Barnum graduates, will Burzynski or Kalis be ready?  My guess is Kalis gets the nod

C - Mealer graduates, will Miller be ready?

RG - Omameh graduates, Who plays here Burzynski?

RT - Schofield back...not sure how I feel about that

So we go Magnuson, Kalis, Miller, Burzynski, and Schofield...yikes.


RB - Toussiant is back, but what has he done?  Does Rawls or Hayes get a shot, Smith?  Rawls seems powerful but not that fast, Hayes seems good, but small.  Heck lets throw Thomas in there...he may be our best athlete and RB seems to be a position a freshman can come right in and play.  Green we need you now.

QB - Well, that's the big question, Garder or Bellomy, or does Morris step right in?  I don't want hate on Bellomy, he deserves credit for gettting thrown into a tough situation.  With the tools around him (or lack thereof) and the many drops by the recievers and some bad breaks with the weird pop-up Smith interception etc. many things happened that could have had a better result without him doing anything different.  BUT, from what I saw Bellomy doesn't have the tools to be a FBS starting QB, sorry.

WR - Gallon, Dileo, Jackson, Darboh, Chesson, Gardner...yikes again.  No real proven player maker there.  Maybe Darboh and Chesson come in and provide playmaking, maybe we get Treadwell, maybe Funchess becomes a viable every down pass catching threat at TE.  And, Gallon & Dileo is and will continue to be a solid, reliable guys, but not #1 type recievers.


Defensively I don't have as many concerns despite losing some key guys I think our secondary and linebackers will be just fine and I am actually looking forward to seeing some guys get in there like Pipkins & Bolden/Ross.  I wonder if Wilson will come or if Robinson will be our SS.  Either way, not overly concerned about most of the defense.  The one position I am worried about is DE.  We have no pass rush.  

DE - Roh graduates.  Do we play Heitzman, does Clark/Beyer move over, can Taco Charleton step right in, can Wormley recover and be ready?

DE - We get back the Clark/Beyer/Ojemudia combo back but what have they done this year?  Do we all of a sudden expect one of these guys to make a big jump?  Ojemudia seems most likely, but can he put on enough weight to be effective?


So, ulimtately our O-line makes me go YIKES.  Our QB makes me go YIKES (only reserving Gardner judgement until he plays longer).  Our RB situation seems ho hum.  Our WR situation seems ho hum.  And, our DE situation seems ho hum.  I see a frustrating year coming next season.  We need our very talented young/incoming offensive lineman ASAP.  We need playmakers at WR and RB fast (Green and Treadwell please).  And, we need development of a pass rushing DE, like now. 

BlueSpiceIn SEC.hell

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     ...think about it when Denard is in, defenses don't pass rush, they contain -so the OLine looks -on paper-like they are not allowing sacks.  When he is out they can't stop the rush and we already know they don't run block well.   The OLine IS THE CONCERN right now.     They aren't that good ---- I think Borges has been calling plays to cover up that deficiency too.  He can only do so much and his gameplan utilizing Denard is actually pretty good given this year's line. He his really limited when Denard is not in. The only thing I don't understand is why Devin isn't in at QB - I am not as critical of Bellomy as others - he is in a tough spot.  Devin's skill set is more akin to Denard's , adn I think right now he gives us a better chance.

After what I just wrote, this thought I have is still there.  The coaches must know a little more than we do.


October 28th, 2012 at 12:02 PM ^

Anyone wishing that Bellomy would get his shot got their wish last night and it was an utter disaster. I'm not ready to jump on the "Bellomy sucks" train by any means, it just shows that next year this could get messy on offense. I appreciate Denard and everything he's done for this program and if anything came out of those three dark years he's been a shining beaconand he's a great kid. Anyone knocking Denard should be very silent after today. We as fans have been absolutely spoiled watching him and I will hate to see him go. It's not his fault that his receivers can't catch a damn thing. He was dealing last night and the drops just can't happen like that. If Denard stays in this game we win hands down. What concerns me most is the run game. Yet again no Rawls when Fitz is struggling and the run game itself can't gain any traction outside of Denard.

Sione's Flow

October 28th, 2012 at 12:42 PM ^

Agree that if Denard goes out again Gardner should come it at QB, Bellomy looked nervous and unsure of himself last night and the WR's certainly weren't helping him any.  Why they can't catch a ball that hits them in the hands is beyond me.  I know Bellomy was charged with 3 INTs last night, but the one on the pass to Smith, was Smith's fault not Bellomy's. How a player can catapult a ball directly to a defender, after he hit's the ground is beyond me.  


October 28th, 2012 at 1:36 PM ^

At this point, I don't care if Denard can throw on 3rd and 10 or not.  He stood by us when he could have left for an offense more suitable to his strengths (can you imagine him at AZ?).  

So I'll stand by him, period.