Denard appreciation thread

Submitted by MichiganMan20 on October 28th, 2012 at 12:43 AM

After watching the second half debacle by our offense, I now appreciate Denard more so than ever before. I think I speak for all of you when I say we are REALLY going to miss him next year.


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1. Denard covers up allot of deficiencies on offense. Say what you will about his passing but the fact that the kid can break a long gain or even a 4 or 5 yard run on any given play - makes up for allot of other offensive personnel deficiencies. More on this below...

2. Toussaint has not been effective at all this year. He is not running North and South. Most will point at Fitz and say its his fault but I think we need to examine what's going on in the trenches. We may be having issues on the offensive line that are not being talked about. Are the holes there? Again Denard's dynamic running ability covers up for what may otherwise be average (or worse) offensive line play. I don't think it's fair to lay all of the blame on Fitz. And for those of you who think Thomas Rawls is the answer I would encourage you to evaluate our blocking up front.

3. I was at a bar watching the game and I could not hear what they were saying about Denard's injury. But I have to think it was killing him to be on the sidelines. The fact that he never went in leads me to think this may be a season ending injury. At the very least this is a recurring theme with him and so we have to be looking at other QB options to finish the year and beyond.

4. Bellomy isn't ready. I won't bash the kid but we all saw what happened out there tonight. It was Nick Sheridan-esque. Given that Gardner hasn't exactly been producing as a WR of late I wonder if we're better off sticking with Gardner as the #1 backup. At this point I do not think that Bellomy can beat any of the teams remaining on our schedule. I also think Gardner would gain valuable time which would prepare him to lead the team in 2013 (and 2014 if he gets his medical redshirt). Nobody can tell me that Bellomy is the better of the two QB's...

5. Lots of issues on offense. Susupect blocking. Lack of game breakers at RB and WR. No heir apparent on the roster as the starting QB. Suspect play calling.

6. Sadenned by Denard's injury. We had an excellent shot at winning this game...


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It's certainly going to be a transition to whoever follows Denard.

That said, before academics became a factor (they always do...) our friend Tate Forcier had a pretty good year as a Freshman. If study hall had mattered...

I'm looking at you Shane Morris.


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Sometimes I wonder if Denard is a crutch for coaching staffs.  Is it possible that having him has stunted the growth of the rest of our offense?  Maybe I'm just numb and bitter and incredibly disapointed.  Nope.  No maybe about it.

I hope Denard gets better soon.  We need him.


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Denard is a great athelete and if we want to honor him - cause he won't play QB at NFL level - we should have made his gifts/capabilities more apparent by letting him show some reps at KR, WR,etc.

Also, just because his back-up was unprepared doesn't show how much better DR is or blessed we are to have him. His back-up was unprepared. period.

I would rather sing the praises of Woodson or Howard than Denard, a gifted athlete who was a turnover machine at times.


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  8 games into his red shirt freshman year I exspected a lot more out of Bellamy. I turned off the game late in the 3rd quarter after Bellamy went 1-9 with a pick and 2 sacks. At that point Gardner or even Kennedy should have been put in the Game.

 I can't see any offensive player actually wanting to play for this coaching staff. The preseason hype of this team was a better team with more losses. The offense has taken a huge step back this year while losing 2 players neither of which is ripping up the NFL

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In 2008, 2009, 2010 we were supposed to win 10 games with 1st year QBs. Because thats what Michigan does.

So I guess I'm supposed to be mad at our coaching staff in 2012 because they couldn't even win half a game with a 1st year QB. 

The biggest problem with this game was Hoke/Borges' inability to realize that Bellomy clearly wasn't ready after his 4th or 5th drive and give Gardner a shot to run the offense. I'll never understand that level of stubborn. 


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Actually I'm just pointing out how unrealistic people were then and how unrealistic it was yesterday to expect Bellomy to perform at a high level and how its often the same people who were so critical then that are now so understanding. 

But you wouldn't get that. 

And if you were being realistic, you'd see that this is literally the only thread I've pointed this out in because it actually ties into what we saw yesterday. 

You should probably get over the fact that Rodriguez coached here and is still relevant in discussion about the current team. 

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He's a 3 star, RS freshman who was thrown into a road game against a very good opponent. His performance was completely understandable. 

That's not on Borges or Hoke. What's on Borges and Hoke is the idiotic decision to play him to the end, instead of switching over to Gardner when it was clear he wasn't at all ready. 


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Nobody ever talks about the possibility that we have the worst group of wide receivers in FBS history.  They cant block, they certainly can't catch unless the ball is buried into their stomachs, and Im sorry, but if you're 5'9" you should have flawless hands, and if you're 6'5" and there's a jump ball, you should not be getting outlept and picked off by a 6'1" corner.

So with this, I ask: What in the hell did we recruit between 2008 and 2010????  We know we didnt recruit either line, linebackers, secondary, but our RBs and WRs are abysmal as well.  We literally have 2 good players on offense (Denard and Lewan), 3-4 good players on defense, and no sort of depth.



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but I think denard's shitty passing has screwed up our wideouts.  When I watched bellomy throw a good ball and hit the guys in the hands they looked surprised...

call it what you will but I think the whole offense is a house of cards and when that main piece is out the cards tumble down...  and if the offense would have been built better around a real quarterback we would be less 'explosive' and more productive.




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I've been arguing about this with my father every week since we turned around after ND. I asked him what he thinks our offense will be next year. He talks about the scheme, and I simply ask, no, where are the yards going to come from? He never has an answer for that.

Denard isn't perfect. In some ways, his flaws are as notable as his strengths. But he is a magnificent athlete, a special QB and we will miss him frightfully, especially next year. I don't care how many INTs he throw from now until his last day, I will never, never forget what he is done for this program. It would have been a dark few years without him.


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"Where are  the yards going to come from?"

This is an interesting question because it is an appropriate one to ask, If we look at the rushing game in particular, since the beginning of the 2010 season, Michigan has amassed 7,638 net yards of rushing, and Robinson is responsible for 3,824 of them, which is 50.1% of our net rushing in 2.67 seasons now. We've scored 82 rushing TDs, 36 of which were scored by Denard Robinson personally, which is good for 43.9% over that same stretch of 2.67 seasons. 

It's been discussed in many threads here, but even though Denard Robinson is not the best quarterback in Michigan history on several important metrics, I don't think we've ever had an athlete like him and we may never see such an athlete again, at least not for a long time. Even last night, when the offense clearly isn't working on all cylinders, he is a factor when he is in there and he is a distraction to the opposing "D". It is rare to have a player that electrifying, or to opponents, that intimidating by virtue of sheer athleticism. His contributions should never be forgotten. 


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I love Denard but I'm not going to miss the lack of a passing tree that we execute. I always wanted a qb that was as athletic as Denard but I'd much rather have a guy that is a good passer that can take off and get a first down. Also Denard is injured easily and routinely puts himself in harms way. We need intelligence and accuracy at the position.

I'm gonna miss the hell out of Denard and we will never see anyone like him at Michigan again. There was a reason we were one of only two schools to offer him as a qb out of high school.


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He's the least intelligent quarterback in Michigan history. He's a senior and they won't let him do simple audibles. Lmfao the term arm punt originated from Denards uncanny accuracy. Just because you homers love him and his 10,000 + yards doesn't make him a good quarterback. ND lets its freshman qb audible. That tells me alllll I need to know. Will I miss him? Sure but am I sad to see him go? Hell no


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Awe does the truth hurt too much? When you can't pass teams load the box, when you can't pass against a loaded box with man coverage that means you're not very good. Oh, and when you're a senior and you still don't have the authority or intelligence to audible the writing is on the wall. You guys can love Denard all you want, never said I hated the guy, only that I won't be sad when he's gone so that the quarterback position can again be the quarterback position. I never said he wasn't a great runner. However when you can't pass and against good defenses your win percentage is under 20% it's probably a problem.


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No I'm just a coordinator for a team that has won back to back to back nfa championships and the 2010 national championship. I don't know anything about the game other then playing it for 13 years and coaching for the last 6. You guys know way more then me just by what you read on this blog.


I've forgotten more about the game then most of you, save the excellent Brian and a few others like Magnus and such.

I get volatile when I post something about play calling or something and someone who knows nothing about the game tell me I'm wrong. Everyone has an opinion. I don't slam other people's opinions unless its painfully obvious that they're wrong. Like the Bellomy situation tonight. Kid was set up to fail by Borges wasn't all on him. However the mighty mgoers are all over the kid saying he's worse then Sheridan but I'm the troll.

It's fine cause at the end of the day I make a living coaching football and I'm not going to let a couch quarterback tell me when I'm wrong.


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do you care to explain this comment:

If I were coach obrien I seriously would take a 15 yard penalty to spear Braxton miller while he's down. I hate them that much and am that classless that I would like nothing more then to see him concussed again

with a better explanation than this?:

I just hate miller and Meyer that much. I never want to see a kid hurt but I generally have that much hate for those two that I could care less if he were concussed again

Because honestly, I'm not seeing it. At all.