Denard and DG graduating today

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Title says all the info, but couldn't be more proud of these two great ambassadors for Michigan. Go Blue, and congratulations to everyone graduating today. Welcome to the best alumni group in the world.



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Congratulations to Denard and Devin. One ends his journey at Michigan today sadly, but one continues his - both have been exciting players, of course. Very impressed with Gardner completing his undergraduate degree in 3.5 years while playing football - he has an incredible work ethic, as we have noted in numerous articles posted here. Of course, so does his predecessor at starting QB. Both Robinson  and Gardner are examples of how managing time well and giving your best effort to all pursuits yields success on and off the field. 

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managing their time well---both found the right balance between very demanding football careers and their studies at a very demanding university (yeah, I know, athletes do get some extra tutoring, etc. to help them negate the demands of their athletic schedules) ---and one graduates on time and the other early!  Congratulations to both of them and all their fellow grads today.

How many times did we (either in person or on TV) see Denard (in particular) and other athletes in the crowd at other athletic events enjoying their college experience?  And yet, their studies were not neglected, so today they reap the rewards, that diploma that should evolve into their own personal proverbial "pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow", once their athletic careers end.



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On the other:

"Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL classes are POINTLESS"


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(my son graduated yesterday as well--woo hoo!)

Gardner is listed in the booklet as graduating in August if requirements are met (those folks were elibible to participate--Quinton Washington is in this catagory as well)