Denard and DG graduating today

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Title says all the info, but couldn't be more proud of these two great ambassadors for Michigan. Go Blue, and congratulations to everyone graduating today. Welcome to the best alumni group in the world.



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Going to have to.  You must be enrolled in the university to remain eligible.  I do wonder if the scholarship applies to grad school, though.  I assume it would as the ATH Dept. pays the athlete's bill to the U.


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As long as he takes care of business it looks that way. I'm happy that the two schools I'm a diehard fan of actually turn out student athletes, not just guys that "ain't come to play school."

I know Brian has been giving Tom Crean and my alma mater, IU, a lot of crap about his over signing practices, but if you look at the Matt Roth situation last year he left after four years with a masters degree. Jordan Hulls is leaving with a masters, Victor Oladipo is leaving early with his BS, and Cody is two semesters away from a degree from the Kelley schooly of business (which he's said he will finish up the next 2 summers). So I wish he'd lighten up on the Tom Crean = Nick Saban stuff. Crean isn't pushing guys out the door that are injured, he's only not invited guys back that got their 4 years of free education (Creek is leaving with a degree as well even though he's transferring now).


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When that Jackass Tom Crean stops magically finding ways for less talented players to move on from their program so he can sign volumes of new and more talented players he can stop being Nick Saban Lite.

Until then, he remains the less successful protege and your alma mater a joke for accommodating the practice.

Wolverine In Iowa

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Welcome to the club!  Go Blue!!

Feel free to roast me, but I cannot recall this at all, and with DG graduating today, I have to ask:  did DG graduate early (i.e., after three years)?  And, he has two years left of eligibility, correct?


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He graduated from high school and enrolled at Michigan early, so he got the winter semester in. I'm assuming he took some summer classes to take care of the last few credits. So, he got the degree in 3.5 years. He still has two years of eligibility and will probably end up with a masters degree if he stays both years.


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Personal preference usually is expressed by the other stuff people put on their caps.

For example, my cap (avatar) was plated with carbon fiber kindly donated by the solar car team


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Here's the Rackham Page.  They describe the Business color as "drab."  Gold is much more impressive (and, one would hope, appropriate).  White listed for Literature, so I'd guess LS&A for undergrads.  But where's Denard's tassel?  [Someone else can make the joke about a tassel being too much like a shoelace.]


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Early enrollee or not, it is hard for anyone to graduate from Michigan in 3.5 years. Let alone a guy who also has the added burden of being on the football team. Extremely impressive