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First, WTF is the point of the Big Ten Network if they don't even air the student keynote speech live?

Some tweets coming out on it:

The Journey @BTNJourney

Compelling speech by Michigan QB Denard Robinson at #B1GFootball Kickoff Luncheon


Michael Rothstein @mikerothstein

Denard Robinson also talked about his family, including a brother who died when he was 10.



Joe Schad @schadjoe

Denard Robinson says it was tough to do the right things growing up on the neighborhood he grew up in

Joe Schad @schadjoe

Denard Robinson says he didn't leave Michigan b/c his teammates were his brothers

Joe Schad @schadjoe

Emotional Denard Robinson doing an outstanding job delivering a speech at Big Ten kickoff before a huge ball room

Joe Schad @schadjoe

Denard Robinson: "I met the President of the United States. And LeBron James. And they both knew who I was." (Laughter)

Joe Schad @schadjoe

Denard Robinson: "Trust me. I'm not perfect. Just ask Coach Hoke."

Joe Schad @schadjoe

Denard Robinson says character is who you are when no one else is watching

Joe Schad @schadjoe

Denard Robinson says "it doesn't matter where you come from. Anything is possible."

Joe Schad @schadjoe

Some Big Ten schools and players passed on chance to succeed Kirk Cousins' speech but Denard Robinson accepted the challenge and delivered


Stephen J. Nesbitt @stephenjnesbitt

Denard Robinson: “It wasn’t easy where I came from. What made it possible was my two parents, who had nothing but gave everything.”


Background behind the speech:…


Video (embedded below):



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Twitter has glowing reviews about the speech.


Some Big Ten schools and players passed on chance to succeed Kirk Cousins' speech but Denard Robinson accepted the challenge and delivered
7/27/12 8:51 PM


Really nice job by Denard Robinson. Shared a lot about his life that he hadn't previously.
7/27/12 8:51 PM


Eight minute speech by Denard. Long ovation after. Told me yesterday he'd be more open than ever. He certainly was.
7/27/12 8:50 PM


We are so lucky to have such great student-athletes in the #B1G. Denard Robinson with a very moving speech. #B1Gfootball
7/27/12 8:52 PM



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living in sarasota makes it very eady to hate on UF, and spurrier, zook and meyer made it enjoyable to hate UF.  much harder to hate on muschamp.  he actually does it the right way.  dare i say he is Hoke South?


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As a pro I completely agree. But in the college game, I'd actually rate Tebow way up there. There's a leadership intangible that is necessary in the college, where momentum and the team spirit go a long way to success.
That, coupled with his size advantage as a runner and various threats made him a great college QB. The deciding factor is an inspirational leader, for me. What college teammates need that pro's don't as much is someone who will teach them how to train, to push them further than they've ever gone.
From those who played with him or have seen him train, they say Tebow had this quality about him.
I think that's what separates a college leader from the pro's, where guys have that more figured out on their own.
I know anything pro-Tebow is going to get lambasted on this blog. I've seen that for a couple years. But let's not forget this is a Heisman trophy QB who led a national championship team and was an important third down and end zone QB for another.
And then, when all is said and done, let's remember the 2008 Capitol One Bowl and the 4 or 5 sacks we had on him.

Phil Brickma

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The Tebow speech came after an upset loss to Ole Miss. The "Promise" Speech came after their only loss of the 2008 season. Florida went on to beat Oklahoma and win the BCS National Title.

We hate Tebow for a lot of reasons. The Capital One Bowl hype. UM getting snubbed out of a rematch against OSU in 2006. The inane amount of national coverage he receives for being a backup QB.

The speech is not one of those reasons.


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Wow, I had completely forgotten about the whole transfer scare last year, it seems like such an absurd idea now. Denard is a Michigan Man through and through.