Demens tackle

Submitted by Coldwater on November 10th, 2012 at 3:40 PM
The most perfect, fundamental form tackle I've ever seen. Hail Demens!

I could watch that tackle 100 times and still get pumped every time



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speaking of gifs, in my head this would be perfect: gif of the bomb from gardner to roundtree, then pat fitzgerald spliced in when he was hopping up and down celebrating the late hit.

i could probably watch those two in succession until forever. 

Mmmm Hmmm

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After watching tackling that was sometimes good and sometimes not so good, it was a great way to end the game.  Also very good to see that the D stand tall after a tough day.

It's to the point that I expect the D will make plays like that--I'm still very happy, but I know they have it in them.  That makes it much more fun to watch close games!


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It was good.  It was a better play least as far as RPS is concerned.  I could tell (no, I'm no football genius by any means) that NW wanted to run the ball up the "middle".  G-Matt called a pretty neat play call there, as someone mentioned above, the LB's were loaded to attack the A-gaps with 3 down-lineman across the front.  Great play all around


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It reminded me off when Brandon Graham destroyed that crappy state running back that went from jail to the starting line up. I can't remember any spartan running backs names. They're so forgettable.


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The unsung hero...
I know we are all super pumped about that victory. Some will call it luck, I call it...fate and karma   (karma for Pat Fitzgerald celebrating like a first year J.V. coach/H.S. girl on that 15 yard penalty on 3rd and long). But, let us talk mechanics for a moment. On the 4th down play in over time we all saw Demens make the game winning tackle. However, we did not see why he was able to do this. The play was an inverted mid-line option (that's what I call it, there is a million technical names for it). The DE is the read (we were running either a 3-3-5, or 3-4, but depending on personnel they are more the less the same from an offensive perspective) and if he stays home the quarterback gives the ball, and the RB's landmark is between the guard and tackle opposite the read man. However, Demens made the tackle on the backside of the Jibreel Black was playing the Nose in an odd front. He spilt a double team on the front side of the play forcing the RB to cut back into an unblocked DE and backside MLB who flowed well to the ball. This is the ONLY reason that the play was stopped. The offense has numbers on the play side, and should easily be able to pick up a yard if the read-side players respect the QB option. Black was able to split a double team, penetrate, and totally blow up the play without making the tackle. Ladies and gentleman, where I come from we call that TEAM defense. I am a coach, and I wanted to point out as we do to our players that you can MAKE A PLAY, without making THE play. Unselfish football, hardwork, and team defense won us the game...and I wanted to give Jibreel his dues. Hell of a play baby, hail. (Let me note I don't have the play in slow-mo, and it's not on youtube yet so my guess of Northwesterns play design is an inference at this point.)