Delonte Hollowell - Looking for Support for Graduate School [LOCKED]

Submitted by NeilGoBlue on September 15th, 2015 at 4:15 PM


Delonte Hollowell (DB 2011-2014) is looking for support for graduate school.  He started a gofundme page.

Whatever the MGOBLOG community can do to support a former player would be great. His info is on the page itself.

(I'm just an alumni that he reached out to).

I pointed him to this thread, so he might be able to answer any questions himself. 

MOD EDIT - locking this one. Way too many groan-inducing replies to make it worth salvaging. To the OP, if Hollowell is willing to post something himself here, let me know - that might be best. - LSA



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Is this true?  I've always wondered about stuff like this -- what prevents schools from recruiting with a wink-and-nod understanding that those players will always be taken care of after their time at the school (presumably by boosters)?

Surely, for example, the NCAA would be interested if Michigan boosters decided to start giving all former players $50,000 gifts as soon as their eligibility expires.  I would think recruits would probably catch on to the situation without anyone having to promise anything.

Not that it's at all relevant to Delonte's situation here, but I've always been curious about this.

Mr Miggle

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I'm not sure how they've gotten away with it. Hollowell's case is obviously different. He's trying to raise money on his own, not relying on promises made to him by the school or boosters. It's certainly within the rules for boosters to contribute, just as it would be to hire him. 


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I just finished putting two kids through Michigan with undergrad and grad degrees in engineering and then both went to med school, all OOS and with no scholarship aid.  Good luck to Delonte but at this juncture, the only person I'm donating to is someone who can get the cost of education under control.  

Start looking up how much debt the average med student has, how long their training takes, how little they are paid during residency while debt continues to accrue, etc.  It might tell you why I'm not sympathetic.  

Thanks, I feel better.


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I've had a couple people now hit me up for cash to live their dream (both in Europe). One I had met once and sent me a couple messages. I felt like writing an angry response to her. The other was a former roommate. "Help me achieve my dream by paying for me to go live in Spain!" What the fuck? How about I give money to someone who really needs it instead of someone who just wants other people to pay for them to leech off their friends in Spain. Sorry for the rant, but I'm amazed people have the gall to do that. Hit up their friends for cash instead of trying to accomplish it themselves. Hey guys, I wanna go to the beach in Thailand to sit around. Give me money. The one going to Spain was a teacher in Korea for a while. You weren't saving anything? Just blowing all your cash and counting on friends to save your ass later on? And trust me, it's easy to save money in Korea. It's not an expensive place to live. If I didn't have any student loan debt, I'd be saving thousands of dollars every year without pinching pennies, travelling often, and not making a whole lot of money.

I don't necessarily have a problem with Delonte doing this. If people are willing to just give him some cash because they enjoyed watching him play, whatever. What I had a problem with was people I personally knew using our relationship to just ask for money. It's extremely rude IMO.


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He's a FORMER NCAA player. Therefore, it is allowed.

Also, complaining about fund like this is like complaining about a scholarship fund. Just because you have debt doesn't mean others should have debt. In this case, at least we know it's going to a good kid.


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Scholarships are awarded based upon the idea you will be a steward for the school, as well as improving the university's appearance for years to come through your success. It's also an investment in highly successful 'projects' in hopes of future donations that equal or surpass the amount given (remembering that the university is providing a service, albeit a free seat versus a paying one). Not to mention marketing when it comes to school values and purposes. Some scholarships, not provided by the university, may actually have a requirement. But academic and professional scholarships are based largely on what you bring in.


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...his undergraduate education wasn't "free" in any sense.  He didn't receive any handouts from U of M.

And, as you're well aware, he can't continue to pay for school via football. It's very possible that he could work his way through school doing something other than playing football.  Maybe he's already started.  I don't know.

What we do know is that he's looking to parlay a certain segment of the public's regard for him into money.  I seem to remember a person or two doing that somewhere at some point in recent US history. 

I don't intend to give to his gofundme effort.  But I don't see why people are against it.  The man can ask for help and see what he gets.  Drew Dileo can do that too.  It's a free world, baby.


September 15th, 2015 at 5:19 PM ^

I think some are bothered that it comes across as free advertisement to a massive audience to create the post. With it being a published item with a requested endorsement, I don't see why it shouldn't be responded to. Without doing so, it comes across as acceptance or ignorance. If people posted a request to ban American Sniper on here, people would weigh in. If people posted a request to vote Cottage Inn the best pizza in Ann Arbor, people would weigh in. If the Go Fund Me page was created by a fan, you'd have a point. But his own words are... disappointing... and people feel the need to respond to those PUBLIC words that are being championed.

Also I'm posting because I'm killing time.


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Dont give him any money if you don't want to. He asked for help - he didnt start the negotiations with a gun in his hand.

Radical thought I know given that he asked for it but I've employed successfully the "just say no" technique for years with telemarketers, street bums and ex-wives.  Works like a fucking charm.


September 16th, 2015 at 3:17 AM ^

I totally agree, there are many things you can give money to. If people don't want to support him, they don't have to. Heck there are a whole bunch of indegogo causes out there that cause me to scratch my head. Frankly, I think it does take some courage to even ask.

I supported a few artists that put a tv show on Hulu. Was it only a minuscule portion of their whole budget, sure. They were friends of mine. I also gave to some lady standing on the corner who had a sad story. Also gave to the leukemia and lymphoma society. Good service at restaurants usually get bigger tips too.

Other than taxes, my money goes where I choose it to go to.