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Submitted by MichiganMan14 on October 22nd, 2017 at 1:10 PM
I've noticed the deletion of several posts recently. This one likely will be erased as well. It's my understanding that this blog is moderated and I'm unsure by whom. Some of the deleted posts seem to be deleted out of personal dislike and or counter opinion of the OP opinions. The deletion of anew inflammatory or offensive post is fully reasonable. Mods, I think some of you have overstepped your role and as a result created a blog where some can post and several others cannot, regardless of opinion or topic. That is wrong. Michigan is not yours to hog to yourself and ostracize other Michigan fans from a Michigan fan blog. There has been a lot of Mean Girling on here to put it mildly. Some of us simply come here to talk Michigan sports and are repeatedly turned away by those in the fold here. It's not cool honestly and not a positive representation of Michigan.


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The moderators themselves have as much ownership of the blog that hall monitors have of the schools that they so valiantly serve. They're volunteers, and don't receive any compensation, to my knowledge.

Having said that, they were entrusted by the owners of the blog to handle the board. Additionally, an employee or Brian (to my knowledge the only person with a genuine ownership stake) probably very rarely occasionally steps in on moderation issues if they see a board post that is particularly egregious. They certainly have the power to do so.


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Brian and Ace are no better than the rest of us. They just think their analytics make them smart. End of the day, they’re homers and sugarcoat everything.

Their arrogance is hilarious.

They keep posters like His Dudeness and SQ around cuz they stroke their ego, yet anyone who criticizes the messiah gets Bolivia’d.


October 23rd, 2017 at 2:48 AM ^

Somewhat agree and somewhat disagree. Their analysis is definitivily better than almost all posters here. This isn't very debatable. However, this doesn't make them a perfect appeal to authority in all arguments and it certainly doesn't mean they're correct in everything they say. Sometimes they do seem to think they are, I won't argue that. 

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October 22nd, 2017 at 1:19 PM ^

You've got to keep in mind that  the blog has a "snowflakes" policy, and that it was instituted to circumvent a million people making threads because they view their opinion as more important. The vast majority of the deletions are because people made a new thread because their opinions were so important and had to be seen rather than posting them in the snowflake threads like everybody else. 

Additionally, your criticisms are extremely broad and vague, and don't give specific examples, so it's difficult to defend against them. Not to mention, it's their job as people entrusted with the board by people who pay for the board to dictate what is or isn't allowed. That's kind of in their job description.

Plus, there are many times where threads turn into shitshows, and it's easier to delete it entirely than it is to selectively moderate posts.

You've got to give specific examples if you want me to be outraged or think the mods are doing a poor job.


October 22nd, 2017 at 2:31 PM ^

You should probably adjust your expectations because this place is no better than rcmb or mlive or any other place and it's even worse after a loss. The illusion that this place is some haven of high minded sports fans is not true in the least it's the same nonsensical irrational takes as everywhere else.


October 22nd, 2017 at 9:47 PM ^

I made a couple replies to one of the posts he's referring to. He wrote a long post about what he thinks is going wrong. There was nothing groundbreaking there, and it was a lot of the same stuff you see in the snowflake threads. The running backs can't get into a rhythm, some guys have regressed, etc. The mods didn't delete it because they can't handle the awful truth. I went through a lot of the snowflake threads and don't recall MichiganMan14 even posting in there. Maybe he made his the next day and just didn't even bother with those threads.


October 22nd, 2017 at 1:20 PM ^

If there are themes being deleted it’ll tell you why. For instance, there’s a note today that the general “support the team” threads are being killed because there are so many of of them. They also tend to delete “noise”, which while subjective pushes other posts that add value to the 2nd page.

Given that at least some of the mods do this as a hobby, they seem to do a pretty good job.


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Ben Franklin was apprenticed to his brother to help start his printing press business, and thus did not finish high school in Massachusetts. A few years later, he ran away to Philadelphia and started his own printing press business, helped started the public library, the University of Pennsylvania. His experiments on Electricity, including the kite experiment, helped reveal the concept of electric charge. He earned the Copley Medal from the Royal Society and honorary degrees from Harvard and Yale. Oh, he then went on to help write Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Not bad for a “high school dropout”.

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Makes a political comment

Is called out on it

Owns up to bad behavior

Doubles down on it, once again delving into political territory with a clear shot

Come the fuck on, man. Neither the time nor the place. Give it a rest. You only needed your first sentence in this post.


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Hey MichiganMan14! I personally, and I know many other posters, appreciate your contributions. You have experience playing D1 football at a major program and you understand the difference between youth struggles and coaching malpractice. You and Reader71 are the posters I follow the most. 

I appreciate your input, and I was wondering your thoughts on these observations:

1. The line is getting better at run blocking and marginally improving in pass blocking (7 sacks I know, but they do look better than they did against Purdue and MSU). They just need to gain more experience and get a better RT. 

2. The running plan seems to be gap blocking as a base, with IZ as constraints - this makes sense and seems like the best approach

3. The passing game is a complete tire fire, and I'm not sure that it's all on O'Korn's shoulders. The plays are simplistic in design, long-developing, and lack the elegance/intelligence that create free yards and easy completions on off-schedule throws. 

4. Additionally, the receivers are not getting much separation, but I don't know that they are being put in a place to succeed. 

5. It sounds like all the pass plays are designed, coached, and implemented by Pep, with some input from Drev. And then those plays are essentially menu options for Drev to call; he's not the primary designer.  

6. The running backs keep blowing pass blocking assignments, and they don't seem to be utilitzed as well as they could/should be in the pass game - I'd say, again, this is mostly on Pep for his mediocre play designs, but also a bit on Drev for not using common sense on this.


1. Pep needs to go. He's been a complete disaster for this team. 

2. Drev doesn't inspire a ton of confidence, but if you accept that the pass plays are simply menu items for him that were designed by Pep, it makes more sense on why the pass play calls leave so much to be desired (though PA on 4th and 11...yeah). I wouldn't be broken up if Drev is shit canned, but I think there may be a case to give him another year, or, at the very least, keep him as interior OL coach. 

3. This running back rotation nonsense is really starting to grate - it didn't happen much with Wheatley in charge, so I have to assume that JayBaugh is responsible. Additionally, the pass blocking leaves so much to be desired, which I again put on coaching for putting guys who can't block in the game, or not teaching the techniques soundly. 

4. QB play needs to improve - I think it's something that is in a good place w/ Harbaugh in charge. The guy has a great track record, and I fully trust him to fix it. 


1. Shit can Pep

2. Move JayBaugh to ST and bring in Mike Hart or someone at that level to coach RB

3. Bring in a dedicated WR coach who can design a more lethal passing game that plays to the strengths of the QB and the WRs. If this guy needs to be an OC, then demote Drev and keep him as run game coordinator and have him coach the interior OL.

4. *Optional* If Harbaugh demotes Drev, and he doesn't accept it and leaves, I'd say bring in Greg Roman to coach the interior OL. 

What say you?