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deleted.... site melting down from lack of post conmprehension due to overly harsh comments that apparently offend the ladies on the blog.



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Mike Williams is a redshirt sophomore who was bred by the previous defensive coordinators to play the slot corner position. Even with Robinson, he was playing up near the line of scrimmage. Then he got injured.

When he came back from injury, he was thrust into the starting lineup at basically a brand new position.

This was not a "knucklehead" play. This was a smart offensive coordinator/quarterback taking advantage of an inexperienced/out-of-position football player.

A lot of posters on the boards said that Iowa would be stupid not to take advantage of the inexperienced/discombobulated secondary. Well...Iowa wasn't stupid.

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like down and distance should help dictate the routes you are looking to jump or contain. Williams is a sophmore thats at a new position and got caught looking into the backfield a few times. He's the best we have atm so we'll have to live through the bumps.


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in theory dropping everyone back into coverage works.... but thats about it.... if you get no pressure on the QB the Corners can only cover for so long

DL not rushing does no good


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A lot of hostility tonight. You guys are honestly telling me that he was in a differnt system so he didn't know that on 3rd and 24 you get deep?? I thought we could have some fun and vent some frustrations and maybe learn something about practice, guess not. The people have spoken. Post=fail

PS Brian please take aaaaaarrrgghhh out of your UFR it is impossible to stop a 3rd and 20 until you have 3 redshirt senior all americans in your secondary.


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Don't be ridiculous.

Yeah, you know to get deep on 3rd and 24. So do I. So does every half-educated football fan. Do you think Williams doesn't know it?

There's a difference between knowing and doing. The kid has essentially been playing linebacker for 2+ years and in his first week playing the deep third, he got beat on third down. It sucks, yeah. Move on. I'm not going to pretend that the kid sucks at football because he got beat deep in his first game at the position.


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I think it's funny how fans think they are smarter than coaches who put about 90 hours a week.

Of course we don't know how much time they do situational practice vs scheme practice.

I'll never forgive Mundy for getting sucked up @OSU in 06. I thought we got a smarter class of athlete at UM??

What the hell is this? I'll never forgive a player for this or that is just bullshit. These players put in a lot of time to do what they do. They don't owe you anything.
We get smarter class of athlete is just arrogant.

You need to calm down.

EDIT: Now we know you are an arrogant ass.
deleted.... site melting down from lack of post conmprehension due to overly harsh comments that apparently offend the ladies on the blog.

So you are telling us that we cannot comprehend what you said? You asked questions that of course fans will not know and acted like you knew more than any coach in college athletics.

Then call us ladies because of harsh comments. Well you are basically calling the defense idiots for not doing well when they are working hard and for doing their best.


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I get very frustrated by the "stupid" [posts] I see each week from this [board]. Does anyone know how much practice time is devoted to situational [posting] vs [not being an idiot] practice?? With time limited I know the [MGoIdiots] and [Scout Transfers] have a pretty packed week trying to learn the adjustments to our [acceptance that the defense is a work in progress] plus the [thought of throwing players under the bus isn't welcome], plus work on their own fundamentals [of spelling and grammar (not related to this post)]. I wonder if they have time to say ok we are [I know we have some weaknesses in our defense], but if it's [bothering me that much, I shouldn't] worry about [the poor plays and just be happy]. The [posts] like this drive me insane, it's not a scheme issue or a talent issue but more like a [common] sense issue. I'll never forgive [Ziff72] for [posting about things not being acceptable]. I thought we got a smarter class of [poster] at [mgoblog]?? I'm kinda rambling now, but I guess my question is are [posters] so drilled on their [hatred of Michigan players] they forget to actually think or are [they] just knuckleheads or we just need to need to spend more time on [criticizing them]??

Couple bullets for [posters] checking out the blog.

1.If [you think you're being constructive by telling players what to do, don't post]

2. If you are [criticized, that doesn't mean you just delete everything you wrote]

If you have your own pet peeve post it and we'll make up wrist bands for the [dumb posters] to wear to reference during [their posts].


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What does Brian do on this blog all day?? Please refer to his UFR on the 3rd and 24.

The hypocrisy of these posts is remarkable. So we are not going to question coaches decisions or players performance, should be a lot of posts.


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Well a lot of people do not really like the UFR and feel like he was pretty tough on Williams and GERG. Willaims just switched positions and played ok. If people cannot see that the defense is getting better and better everyweek is not watching the games.


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Your post was less offensive before you deleted everything. Then you were just guilty of piling on players that don't deserve it.

Now not only did you pile on players that don't deserve it, but you're whining that, "You just don't understand me! I'm too smart for you to comprehend me!"


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Brian's whole blog is built upon making fun of R. Mundy. Give me a break, I thought we could have some fun. I never said anything about Mike Williams other than dude don't get sucked in on 3rd and 24. Just like Brian did, everyone in the their living room did, everyone on the bench did, everyone on the field did. Just like he heard about it on Monday during film.

R. Mundy is in the pros I think his feelings are fine.


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There's a difference between constructive criticism and what you wrote. You specifically used the word "stupid" when describing a handful of plays and pretended that the players needed a lesson from you, Ziff72, random message board guy.

Also, Ryan Mundy was a safety from very early on at Michigan. He didn't earn his reputation from his first game at the position. He earned his reputation after repeated mistakes, even when he was a veteran.

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deleted.... site melting down from lack of post conmprehension due to overly harsh comments that apparently offend the ladies on the blog.

And people wonder why there aren't more women on these particular corners of the internet. As one of the few, I'm happy to clue you in.


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I apologize for my post.

I deleted it because no one was getting my point so I didn't want to waste anyones time becaue I couldn't get my point across. I wasn't questioning anyones intelligence. I didn't think the post was bad, but if no one gets it, it's my fault.

If anybody can explain why they read this blog, but are offended by coach/player criticism, I would like to hear their rationale. I understand your point, but then you would be the type of person to not read blogs or sports talk because it is frustrating.