Delaware State at Michigan, 10/17/2009 1:00 PM [Football]

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If you weren't up in the middle of the night to know why this topic is here, please go ahead and post a completely irrelevant response. Or don't.


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Most BCS schools play one Division I-AA (sorry, I'm sticking with the old label) school every season. It's practically a rite of passage in the "big, bad" SEC, and Florida's program seems to be flourishing rather nicely.

Of course, it would certainly help if we beat those we did play. *ignoring the elephant in the room, looking squeamish*

Chester Copperpot

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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I want to say that Delaware St. had a pretty decent squad a few years back and made it to the 1-AA semifinals, or something of that nature? At the very least, we know for certain that Johnny Sears won't be a part of this next venture against a 1-AA team...that and I think we should remind our field goal team to block the man on the inside of the opposition's block unit.


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There may be no Johnny Sears, but we have the latest edition: Stevie Brown! Hopefully, he makes strides this year; I personally think he suffers from confidence issues during games.

And yes, blocking on field goals is, well, advisable. We have learned that allowing opposing players to shoot the gap unblocked is generally not a good strategy.


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It seems like they will be even worse this coming year. They are losing most of their "bigtime" players from last season and will have to replace them with people who didn't see much of the field for their 5-6 season.


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Do we play Delaware St this season? I am having a hard time getting that one answered.....i wonder where I could go to find such an answer.

Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.


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Yes, there will be one.

In Vegas, you can bet anything. If its not on the board, tell someone behind the counter you want to bet the UM/DSU game, they will give you a line.

As far as the off shores, many wont offer a line on the game....5dimes is one place that I know of that will.....they have college hockey lines at that site few gawd's sake....i think its one of the best as far as variety of sports to bet (not to mention paying out timely).

chitownblue (not verified)

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Would they have given me odds on the likliehood you'd answer this question?

They probably wouldn't have been very attractive. :(


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Vegas won't publish odds for a game between D 1A and 2A opponents. There wasn't a line for the appy state game.

Now I'm sure you could get someone to accept your money but there won't be an official line for the game.


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officially have the line, but there is more than Vegas out there now.

The off shore books--of which there are plenty--will have a DSU/UM line and had an AppySt/UM line way back when.

Not all will, but enough will. I mentioned 5dimes as one place that I guarantee you will have a line posted for the game. There will be others.

If you cant find a line for the game or any other game between 1A and 2A (or any regular 2A game....FCS, I suppose now), then you are not looking hard enough.

I know people who exclusively bet the FCS divisions. No, none of them are related to least I think not....but the lines will be out there.


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Delaware was the team that made the I-AA finals, in 2007, with Joe Flacco at quarterback. Now normally I would be all for playing Delaware for the sheer hilarity of the uniform situation, but this year I'm just fine with playing the (hopefully) crappier team from that state.

Sandler For 3

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Has Michigan Football fallen so far that we have to reassure ourselves that we should win against a 1-AA team because they've lost a lot of players? I saw how bad last season was but I for one am not too worried about the game. I know a lot of people are looking at our game vs. Appy State and are thinking "Sh** if they can beat Henne, Jake, Hart and Manningham how the hell can Forcier, Minor, Ortmann and Mathews beat them," but I believe that game was an anomaly where all the stars aligned at once (our complacency, their desire, some bad breaks, and some dumb luck). I may be ignorant but I am of the mind that Michigan's talent combined with Rodriguez should be enough to get a W. It may not be pretty but as long as we don't score points for the other team (Toledo pick-6)we should have a very good chance against any team from 1-AA, even WITH their "star" players. I may be naive but I hate to see the day when Michigan has to justify being a favorite against a 1-AA team.