Defensive Tackle Prospect

Submitted by jbibiza on December 24th, 2010 at 7:47 AM

I did not want to put this guy's name in the title for obvious reasons.  Willie Beavers is listed as an OT  prospect on the front page of Scout but his Senior film has a considerable amount of highlights at DT.  Size somewhere around 6'5" 300 lbs. with only MAC offers plus Illinois - I know the board disdains poor Zook, but he is a proven recruiter and has a knack for finding sleepers.  With our lack of success in DT recruiting and the aching need for depth at that position I hope that we are at least giving this instate kid a look.

 Check it out: DT highlights start at about 5:15.



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I remember hearing his name last year as a prospect who could get a Michigan offer.  I haven't heard his name from that time until now.  Does anyone know where he is ranked in the state?


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at Michigan's camp last June.  So I'm sure the coaches know about him. 

State hasn't offered him yet either, so I'm guessing the coaches feel he is a borderline Big Ten prospect.

I also agree with Magnus below that he is probably a good back up plan if the coahces can't land a higher rated DT. 


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Sounds a bit redundant. If they are already top, then what is there to evaluate. Unless you are saying that Zook is able to lure them in. Maybe that was the case at UF, but less so at Illinois. Benn was the last big time recruit they got I think. Am I wrong?


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It has beeen my experience that when Michigan gets in on a lesser known prospect the player's offer list is very likely to already include either Illinois, Stanford, or both of them.  I have seen this often enough to  give the Zooker credit for having a wide recruiting net that  finds under-reported prospects...... and the same can be said about that coach out at Stanford...


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The reason I posed the question is because Tim wrote:

That means Michigan has to go hard after a defensive tackle (I'm now considering OH DE Commit Chris Rock a definite DT) and a safety, and then if they have another couple spots - for example if Antonio Kinard is not a part of the class - they can fill them as they see fit.

in today's "Hello: Matt Goudis" post. I assumed that info came from the double top secret premium world in which you and he live, and I do not.


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Yeah, I saw that, too.  That's not really "premium" info, as far as I know.  I believe that's just Tim's projection based on seeing Rock play.  He's mentioned it before today, too.

I can see where Tim is coming from.  Rock isn't extremely athletic.  I'm not sure he's who you want as an edge rusher, so I won't be surprised if he turns into a DT.  But yeah, he's a DE according to all things I've seen directly from Rock.


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Exactly.  For a kid who's 300 pounds, you'd like to see him punish ballcarriers and get a good bull rush going.  But he seems to go around blocks (which is part of the scheme, since he's often slanting) and when he gets to the ballcarrier, he really really really reaches rather than running through kids.

It's kind of difficult to change a mentality like that, but we're getting to a point where desperation for defensive linemen might come into play.


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I'm trying hard to help the situation Magnus. I've got all my eligibility remaining, and I'm currently eating about 5 times a day from now until the end of bowl season. I hoping to hit 300 even by then. As far a punishing ballcarriers, if they are anything like the sausages I had for breakfast this morning, they are DOOMED.


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It's been rough for Michigan because this 2011 class is weaker than the 2010 class for defensive tackles.. they are still looking for one, however. I think Beavers would likely be a reach, but you never know. They really need to lock one or two up, which I expect they will next year with Matt Godin and another.