With the defensive re-shuffling, project where guys end up

Submitted by cypress on October 29th, 2010 at 11:11 PM

I admit, I'm confused about a number of players on defense, and where they could potentially play next year, and I think even the coaches arent sure at this point, but I'd like to hear some opinons.

Mike Martin: Stay at Nose tackle, or does the emergence of Washington or Ash allow him to play DT?

Van Bergen: Does he start at strong-side DE, or is he forced to play DT?

Craig Roh: Will he be a full time starter at DE, or will he still be slightly out of position as a LB trying to tackle in space?

JB Fitzgerald: Assuming we run more traditional 4 man fronts next year, does he play MLB? WLB?

Herron: Same as Fitzgerald. Can he play WLB or MLB?

Marvin Robinson: Does he battle Mike Jones for the WLB job? Can he bulk up enough to be effective in the Big Ten at this position?

Josh Furman: I've always seen him as a LB, does he get in the mix at WLB or compete at an already crowded Spur postion?

Jake Ryan: Is he a MLB or WLB?

Carvin Johnson: Does he have the speed to play FS or is he better suited to battle Kovacs at the box safety?

Cam Gordon: Is it a lock that he plays at Spur next year?


I really feel there will be more talent, depth, and experience next year, but there are still a ton of question marks. Obviously a lot of this will be answered down the stretch and in the spring, but I'm curious to hear some opinions.



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That's a lot of questions.

Ummmm <Deep breath> <Read very fast>

Mostly, maybe.

Presumably, rarely.

Hopefully, I hope not.

If we can assume that but then even still i say no.

Possibly but hopefully not.

Yes and hopefully he wins it cuz I'm dyin to see this kid blow up but not at kovacs' expense, so I hope so.

Probably back up at both and learn while getting a PHD in Barwisization

Hopefully pushes Demens at MLB

Slower than Vinopal, could be good replacement for MRob at Kovacs backup I like it.

Far from lock, he could play literally 4 positions for us next year depending where we need him and we have roughly 6 possible spurs. I as most everyone else would appreciate him layin' wood closer to the line if given the choice, but quite frankly i'm not sure where depending on what shakes out with TGord/Carvin/Marvin/Ray/TWolf/CrazyNutsSafetyRecruitPleaseComeToMichiganPleaseGodPlease. Hail.


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Good opinions. To clarify, I dont expect everyone to have an answer for every question, especially since there arent any definitive answers at this point. I'm just wondering how people feel about certain players and where they could potentially end up and where they would be best suited.


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Ya know, I gotta point this out again. Some of you guys on this board have a pretty exaggerated sense of importance. If you dont have an opinion, take your little sarcastic self back (click the BACK button on your computer) to the previous thread and move on. I think where players will end up is an interesting discussion. If you want to strictly focus on Penn St (as if we havent covered it all or as if we have any impact on the game), go do it and let others discuss what they want to. Anybody want to neg this..feel free. I dont get my jollies from Mgopoints. I thought this was an intelligent forum but too often its a contest about which slap-dick can bust out the best one-liner to make themselves feel important and rack up points.


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Em0 is a running joke on this board.  He was a frequent poster who ALWAYS had a depth chart for the future.  So, in this case, his input would have helpful (even if only ironically).

I'm reminded of the scene from one of my favorite movies; A Few Good Posters:

You want control of the board? You can't HANDLE control of the board. Son we live in a world that has trolls, and those trolls have to be guarded by guys with points. Who's gonna do it? You?

We have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weap for the OP and you curse the regulars. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That the occasional negbang, while tragic, probably saves threads. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves threads. You don't want control because deep down in places you don't talk about in the Cover it Live, you WANT me on that neg button. You NEED me on that neg button.

We use words like "noob," "tl;dr," and "cool story, bro." We use them as the backbone of an afternoon spent on topic. You use them as a meme. I would rather you just said "thank you," and went on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up your mouse and join a negbang. Either way, I don't give a DAMN what you think of the regulars.


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What can I say? He caught me at the end of a 60-hour week, and I tend to get a little punchy.  I started to respond, but it came off a little likr Col. Nathan R.Jessup... so I went with it.


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which is

a) em0 would've tried to convey an answer as if it was straight from RR's mouth
b) you asked a question that will solely amount to wild speculation 16 hours before the answer is provided. RR basically laid out what changes were occurring and where people were shifted.

with open ended speculative questions, people tend to get sarcastic because there's no real/right answer. there's a guess that ends up being right but all it's going to amount to, at best, is 20 people claiming it has to be one way or another and 19/20 or 20/20 are wrong. you're not going to get a concrete answer because the only one that exists was behind closed doors or in confidential paperwork. hell, the normal well of "sources" even dried up this past week because the team seems to be focusing solely on its own business and not distributing info outwards. which is awesome. 

hopefully you get what i'm trying to explain. Blue in South Bend is one of the more reasonable, non sarcastic/shitty people. you'd have had better odds with your comment aimed at anyone but him


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belly breaths,  now visualize a quiet serene lake tiny ripples and waves, see the trees swaying in a soft breeze on a clear summer day.   Just enjoy the PSU game.  all of that stuff you have questions about the coaches will sort that out over the next 10 months with a spring game at the half way point. 


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I get the eMo thing..however, everytime anyone posts something that isnt directly pertaining to the next game, people act as if its the dumbest topic ever. Couple that with the smart ass remarks, and it gets a little old.


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Some people (/looks in mirror, does collar pull thing) get a little uppity in defense of our precious board, and with those who would dare to mess with the couch cushion fortress we have constructed for ourselves.  The board is for everyone; like a beacon of light in a world darkened by MLive and the RCMB.

With that said, I encourage you to read Geaux Blue's comments above, and ask yourself if we were really being dicks, especially with these threads already on the first few pages:





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Dear HaSean Clinton-Dix,

     As you can see from our current roster and position switches that there is a spot for you to come in and start right away as a true-freshman.  So you can either come to Michigan, play in a program with tradition, play with your friends, play with your new amazing  football family, start for 4 years, be a star player on a defense for 4 years, and use your massive amounts of playing time to become a Top-10 pick in the NFL draft; Or...........you can go to Alabama and sit for two years before you become the starter, use your playing time to become a 1st or 2nd round pick in the NFL draft.  Its your choice, and your decision. 


    Logical Michigan Fans


P.S.  Watch-out for the Saban's "used car salesman tactics" such as medical redshirts.