Defense Starting Lineup

Submitted by cbishop on May 1st, 2010 at 5:58 PM

Based on the Spring Game and the rest of spring practice, can anyone help me by giving me a depth chart (opions) of the defense for this year.

I am mainly concerned for the defensive backfield. For example, who's backing up Cameron Gordon at deep safety? Vlad?

However, i am also curious about the rest of the D.

Any help would be nice.


Zone Left

May 1st, 2010 at 7:02 PM ^

I'd rather have MGoBloggers playing for OSU than Michigan. We already went the walk-on QB route. PS--Someone asking for a depth chart here and he isn't bombed? Things are changing here.


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Well, can't go wrong with a Johnny Bench candidate behind the plate. Great blocking skills and a cannon for an arm. Dufek over at first is probably the most underrated defensive player on the team. Toth at second has been a huge improvement over his year at short stop last season. Not spectacular, but more than adequate. Dennis is still young. His defensive play shows it. A lot of weak grounders or wide throws. He'll learn. Lorenz has his share of errors, but his web gem reel would be ridiculous if all our games were televised. 

The outfield is ridiculously fast. Biondi is a speed demon. Other Husband (Other Chris's significant other) thinks he might have echolocation after that spectacular grab he made in a dead sprint to the centerfield wall. Urban and LaMarre on either side makes it the fastest outfield defense Michigan has has in years. I'm not sold on Urban's arm at the next level, but he's got like 5 outfield assists in right. Can't argue that.


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Is Tate really the back-up punter?  Sure, he was the only one at the spring game who could kick the ball between the long white lines on the sides of the playing area... but we don't have ANYONE else who isn't a vital part of the offense who can kick a ball? 

Gibbons?  Moundros?  Kennedy? Tacopants?

Oh please, Angry Michigan Freshman Punter Hating God, have mercy...


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that Taco Pants is moving to the d backfield as a super secret deep ball knock down specialist and has his eye on wearing #11 even though it's already been retired.

Sac Fly

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...right now to think about whos starting and get worried about it, don't forget that we have the 2010 recruiting class coming in to fight for starting spots too, demar dorsey and cullen christian could be the starting corners vs UCONN, we just have to wait and see  


May 1st, 2010 at 11:01 PM ^

Agreed. However things shake out this Summer and into the Fall, I think we can be pretty certain RR will field the best players that are availabe at the point of the UCONN game.

At the same time, everybody will have a chance to prove themselves week to week. The best available will be on the field each week barring injury, discipline, etc.