Dee Hart Transfer Rumors-Michigan Potential Destination

Submitted by MichiganMan2424 on August 20th, 2012 at 9:09 PM

In the past hour rumors have been swirling on twitter about Dee Hart potentially transferring. This tweet from @UMGoBlog was the first one I found that wasn't some sort of retweet;

Michigan Football @UMGoBlog

Rumor: Dee Hart named 4th RB @ Bama. Considering transferring to AUB/FLA/MICH.

Now I don't know how much validity there are to these rumors, and I don't know how reliable UMGoBlog is, but this is interesting if true.



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Not being 1st string at Bama does not mean you're not any good. He was the #19 overall prospect 2 years ago. To be honest, assuming that Norfleet (presumed KR) and then Drake Johnson (something of a backup plan?) would bench the #19 overall prospect from 2 years ago is...optimistic

San Diego Mick

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This is just not Hokes style, even if Hart was to transfer, he won't go to U-M because Hoke will not offer him, he's got guys that committed and that he will be loyal to and coach up, why do you think people love him so much? He won't forsake guys that have been there for somebody who feels like changing his mind when things don't go perfect for them.


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Well, if we lose out on Green, which is a distinct possibility, then there might be an open scholarship in the recent recruiting class. Dee would have to sit out this year and would join the 2013 class. Would be a RS SO though. He would offer us a different type of RB than Shallman or Smith offer us so maybe, if the coaches are interested. And assuming this is not just some random and off-the-wall rumor from the internet.


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At one time, Cam Newton was the third string QB at Florida. Needless to say, he was better than Tebow in college, and is better than Tebow in the NFL. Also, Matt Kastl (sp?) was buried on the depth chart at USC... My point is, maybe being 4th string at Bama just means they don't feature his skill set in their offensive scheme. To be honest, he's a scat back with good receiving skills, and Bama doesn't exactly have a world beater at QB that throws the quick slant or a long lateral pass to the edge very effectively. A cocksman like Shane could use that kind of weapon on the edge to complement a downhill RB.


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 He's a redshirt freshman who is coming off a serious knee injury. You'ld kind of exspect him to be rather low on the depth chart  if he hasn't "Fully" recovered from a torn ACL. I wish the kid the best no matter where he plays. He chose Alabama for a reason tho even with them taking multiple backs that year. That shows a kid who is not afraid of competition. I'd be dissapointed if he chose to leave without being able to compete at 100%


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Don't forget Justice Hayes.  He's probably above both of the players you mention in terms of slot/speed backs.  Frankly, I'm quite excited for his future here.

That said, I would be happy to have Dee Hart competing here if the coaches think he's worth the offer.




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When asked for a source, UMGoBlog said he got it from a DM (direct message).  I call his bluff -- guy has no sources, and his site is an obvious rip-off of this site's name.


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I stand corrected.  UMGoBlog was created first (albeit by 10 days).  My apologies.


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With proof and stuff.

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I've been visiting UMGoBlue (forums mostly) since before it was UMGoBlue. All that being said, until there is more info it is what it is (a rumor).


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When I was asked for a source, I DMed that it was one of his old high school coaches and that Dee Hart did say that, although I said it was a rumor because for all we know Dee was frustrated and venting. I NEVER told anyone I got it via a DM.

And cdycus is right, UMGoBlog is a spinoff of UMGoBlue, but we actually created the URL (thus the ten day difference) and owned it for awhile before we gave the rights of the name for free to Brian.