Dee Hart rumors...anyone, TVH?

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GBW pay board is freaking out over a rumor from the freeboard that there is a D_Hart anouncement (change) coming soon...anyone?



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Talked to one of my friends today that I used to play high school football with and he is a kicker. When i asked him about his college search he said Michigan is starting to talk to him a little bit. His name is Aaron Mick and I'm sorry I don't have much more proof than what the kid tells me but I figured it could be something that may turn into a positive. This year he hit a 52 yarder 6th on the MHSAA record list. He goes to Parkway Christian Schools. Since I am new here i didnt know how to start a new topic and I dont know how to embed things but here is his recruiting film. Other schools that have shown interest in him are Stanford, Illinois, Grand Valley State, Central Michigan, and now UofM. He told me he would be willing to take a walk on just wants to play football. Sorry that i dont have much proof and the kid is not on any of the recruiting sites i dont believe (I'm an espn insider so thats where my info comes from.)


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Swear im not his parents but like i said im a pretty good friend to the kid. He was just in Texas for a college kicking camp, I graduated from the same school as him and played with him. I got to CMU as you can see from the name mgochips


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I only bring that up since this has a similar storyline...although this Dee Hart drama could in fact be legit (I don't have exclusive forum subscriptions so until the man comes out and says it, it's a rumor in my book). Regardless of this rumor/innuendo that's come to light tonight, we all know this negativity's affect on our fan base can be nicely summed up by this:


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Big Will was a strong Michigan commit from the beginning (and we had homefield advantage with him being from Cass Tech); his "umm I might be changing my mind" happened later in the process.

Given the uncerainty regarding RR's job security continuing to cloud the air until the bowl game, I think this rumor (if true) would be a lot more worrying than Big Will's theatrics.


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... This is an 18 year old kid.  It is not the end of the world.  We will be okay.  He may still even come here.  If he doesn't, we'll get someone else who is very good.  I promise it will be okay.



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maybe it has nothing to do with RR's status. Maybe Hart is disenchanted with the team's performance in the last two games. Kids are like that.

steve sharik

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Looking around the internet, there are a shit-ton of Michigan "fans" acting like jilted high school girls about this.  It's times like this when it's embarrassing being in the same set as Michigan fans and/or sports fans...a lot of us are really emotionally immature and get our sense of self-worth in the wrong place.

*Note: forgot Dee was an early enrollee in my post above.  Still...


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Dee Hart is a double agent trained in the snake oil arts and he's going deep undercover to get both HaHa and Trey DePriest to come with him to Michigan.


/at least I can hope


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Well, I wish him well and if he doesn't want to go here that is his choice. He is a hell of a player and has a good head on his shoulders and will choose what he thinks is best for him. I'm sure he will succeed if he does choose Bama, just not on Sept.1st, 2012.


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I blame this decommitment to all the bloggers and fans who do nothing but hate on RR and the Michigan program. The Michigan blogoshpere is crowded with negativity. How can you expect an 18 year old kid, to buy-in to some thing that the so-called fan base doesn't? You are basically expecting him to be more of a man than you are. (by you I mean the haters). 

We talk all about being "all in for michigan". That applies to the fans. So support your boys and their coach. And if RR is fired support the next guy too. If not, grab a beer and enjoy some football. Let the decisions be sorted out by the authorities who actually have the power to do something, as opposed to reinforcing this vicious cycle of negativity.


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If Dee flips to Alabama, blame nobody but RR and/or DB. 

If Brandon were committed to RR, Hart would likely stay. He's an RR guy. But Brandon isn't committed to RR, so Hart isn't committed, either. Can't blame the kid.

DB is in a position to solidify the situation. But he isn't doing so. So it's on him. And it's on RR for putting him in this position. Don't blame the fans and media for creating the "negativity." Obviously, DB doesn't feel positive about RR. It's his call.


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Without this class's crown jewel, it becomes a little easier decision for DB. Maybe not a lot, but the scale leans a tiny bit more in that direction...

Sucks for RR that this has all been breaking during the Bust so he couldn't really take any action.