Dee Hart rumors...anyone, TVH?

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GBW pay board is freaking out over a rumor from the freeboard that there is a D_Hart anouncement (change) coming soon...anyone?



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And yet with a bad defense that couldn't get the ball back, and a first-time sophomore starting quarterback, we still had a very effective offense.  And essentially everyone returns except Schilling (and Dorrestein, who's not that much better than Huyge, who returns).  Vincent Smith will be stronger after his ACL recovers further, Toussaint will hopefully be healthy, Shaw will be back, etc.

Yes, he's a game changer.  But it's not worth fretting about if he decommits.


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It doesn't make sense to say "our offense is fine, we don't have to worry about that anymore", and I'm glad the coaches don't think that either. The better our offense is the less stress we put on our rebuilding defense. We certainly haven't hit our offensive plateau. 

Obviously not every top high school player pans out, but Dee is exciting as hell, and we have ALL been pining for a game-changing tailback.  It does make a difference.


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Sometimes I don't agree with Magnus but on this point he is correct. Losing an elite running back is problematic but I'll take my chances with Thomas Rawls (qualify my friend) and Justice Hayes with our friend Stephen Hopkins to deliver the hammer for the next three years. 

Give me some 4 star/5 star defensive back decommits (I suppose we'd need the commits first...) and then I might freak out.


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I agree with this, especially on the offensive side of the ball as you are saying. Having said that, I do not like how Brandon is handling this thing. He literally could not cast more doubt on the situation. If you are going to fire RR, do it. If you want to have Harbaugh locked up, offer him the job and say it's one time deal, take it or leave it. If it is that important to him, he will leave Standford when he accepts it. Maybe the bowl game will truly determine RR's fate, I don't know but that seems awfully unfair to base things off one game when you have a three year sample size. So right now, he is saying he will look at everything. If recruiting is one thing he is looking at, he is undoubtedly hurting this class. This opinion was not brought on by this situation, I thought this right away. I just don't see how holding off helps us. In every way it looks like it hurts.


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I'm with you to an extent, but there were a number of instances this year when having a gamebreaking RB would have really helped.  And for all the talk of him being a "luxury", UM should be able to get the top RBs in the country if they want them.  Elite talent may be a luxury, but it shouldn't be that strange at top-notch schools. 


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Sorry. IPhone issues.
<br>We did not have a consistent RB this year. Because of this-- denard was forced to carry an extra load, our read option couldn't stretch the defense and we probably turned the ball over more based on 3rd down throws.
<br>This team needs a good RB to compete in big games. We don't have that now.


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As much as I like Demetrius Hart, we have a handful of other running backs.  If Fitzgerald Toussaint can stay healthy, he'll be good.  We also have Hayes, potentially Rawls, and potentially Nealy in the mix.




Thank you for being the voice of sanity. For once i completly agree with you.



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Again, it is not so much losing Dee Hart as it is a signal to other recruits (some on defense) that UM under RR is a sinking ship and to leave/not commit.  While I will refrain from freaking out until we know more, high-profile kids leaving a program in turmoil is never a good sign, even if the school doesn't "need" him.


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That is such horrible logic.


Whatever  the best decision is on who should be the coach(I believe it is to keep RR), it is still the best decision regardless of what happens with Dee.


And stating tomorrow what the plan is doesn't stop the negative recruiting any more than waiting does, its a fact Michigan will have to deal with this recruiting season, like it or not.


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With all due respect to Dee Hart, before I recognize him as the second coming, I'd like to see how he or anyone else does against B10 competition.

kind of remember a recent 5 star named Campbell.

Brandon is in a no win situation...regardless of his decision, there will be negative implications on recruiting and current personnel.


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nobody should be the least surprised if it eventually comes to pass, whether for Hart or some other player. You know that Auburn and probably plenty of other schools are getting word to Hart that RR is toast.

Others have commented on other threads that players commit to the school, not the coach, but it's a simple fact that for many, many players, the relationships they form with the coaches that are recruiting them are as important as the institutions themselves.

Given that Brandon will not give any information about RR's status until early January, not only does this potentially jeopardize the recruiting efforts that RR and staff are currently engaged in, but it more directly puts early enrollees like Hart in a quandary. Hart has to have all his paperwork submitted in December in order to enroll as a student in January, which means he would be doing all that with no assurances whatsoever that the coaches who he knows and apparently likes will be there after the bowl game.

Either Brandon has privately given RR the word that no change is imminent, or he simply doesn't care if any of RR's recruits decommit. If Brandon thinks that a coaching change is required, it's logical for him to regard any individual recruit as less important than who he selects as the next coach.

Regardless of Brandon's motives or reasoning, Hart is right now the signature piece of the 2011 class for RR. Losing him because of Brandon's refusal to affirm his status as HC for 2011 would be a bitter blow. However, IIRC, Darren Walls and Kris Frost have been planning early enrollments as well, and it would be a bit ironic if high-profile defensive recruits went elsewhere because of DB's well-justified concerns about the defense have led him to opt for change.


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Dee might be switching his commitment (if he has) just to cover his bases in case a worse case scenario change in Michigan coaching staff (e.g. if the new coach isn't interested in him or he doesn't like them).  He probably knows that RR would take him back in a heartbeat so he is just playing it safe.  I could be wrong, but thats why I would do.  In other words, we can get him back quickly if RR stays.  Although lets be honest, no endorsement by DB means no job for RR next year.  I'm sure DB knows has already made his decision which means DB doesn't want him back.  Nothing good comes from waiting to endorse RR if you want to keep him.  However, I think RR keeps his job in the case a "better candidate" isn't available.   


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I'll say this - let's not start knocking Hart or other kids if they do decide to leave.  I know it is human nature, but boards become a feedback loop of "I only care about kids who are all in" or "whatever, I'll bet he sucks" blah blah rabble rabble.  That's not fair to the kids or the school, and makes everyone look petty and vindictive.  If I had been blessed with world-class speed, great hands, massive size, and/or great reflexes and I had a pick of schools at which to play a sport I loved, and the school I preferred and the coach I liked suddenly might not be together in 6 weeks, I would definitely question my decision. That is human nature.  Let's keep it classy here.