Dee Hart & Ray Drew POY Finalists

Submitted by sULLY on December 15th, 2010 at 3:04 PM

On main page is an article highlighting Dee Hart and Ray Drew as Army Allmerican POY finalists.  It's a pretty cool opportunity for these kids to see New York and get to meet former Heisman winners.  One thing in particular caught my attention, which was a quote by Ray Drew (who we were recruiting at one time).

New York may not have wanted to see Drew leave, either. At one point during his trip, Drew witnessed a man digging through the trash. Drew asked him if he was hungry, to which the man replied yes. So Drew took him inside a sandwich shop and bought him a sub and chips.

"I couldn't just pass him by. He was a human being who was digging through trash for his dinner," Drew said. "He just wanted to eat so I was happy to help him. I might be broke if I lived here because I'd want to help them all."

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What a tremendous young man.  It's too bad that Michigan couldn't get him because he is a great talent and from the sounds of it, a high character kid as well.  He will make one program proud in the future.



December 15th, 2010 at 3:19 PM ^

That is awesome. And this is one of the many reasons I love Rich Rod. He recruits good kids, we always heard in the old regime of those douchey kids on the team. I haven't heard of any under Rich and that may mean I just don't know anything. 

Point I'm making, I'll take guys like Denard, Roundtree, Mike Martin and Ray Drew (hypothetically) over guys like Tank Carradine and some of the losers at Sparty. 


December 15th, 2010 at 5:57 PM ^

While I am certainly happy with the kids that RR recruits and how he develops them, if by old regime you mean Carr & Co., I think you had a pretty high standard there also.

Every team is going to have some 'douchy' kids and lots of high character kids go to teams other than Michigan.


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Ray Drew is the man.  For someone so young to be so giving is amazing.  Too bad, this kid never visited.  I would want this kid to be at Michigan even if he didn't play football.  Makes me ashamed that I have lived in NYC all my life except school and I never did this.