Dee Hart Official Visit Set!!!!

Submitted by Dr.Jay on August 16th, 2010 at 10:01 AM

As we all know Dee is visiting for the UCONN game, here is a little update per Rivals

"The UConn game [Sept. 4] will be my official visit," Hart reported. "I'm coming up with my uncle, my quarterback and our safety, Hasean [Clinton-Dix]."

"My excitement level is high," Hart said. "I'm looking for big things out of them this year, hoping they will turn it around because next year they will be a whole lot better. I'm looking for a big win against UConn. UConn is a top 25 team, so we'll see."

With a big win, all the emotion from Brock walking us in, we can make a huge impression on Dee and HaHa!!!



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It really does sound like Dee is positive on us, and this is a great chance to bring him home.  Hope that the fans at the game keep in mind that many of our recruits will be at these games, and their experience at these games goes a long way towards their decision as to which school they will attend. 

In a sense, this is the one opportunity that fans have to actually influence the future of our program (albeit slightly).  Be loud, cheer, shout The Victors at full volume, and whatever you do, never boo your own team.  The better the game day experience is for these kids, the better chance that they will attend.  

I have high hopes that the Big House will be pumped up on Sept 4.  Newly-unveiled stadium, nice September AA weather (hopefully), opening game against a ranked UConn team and a fanbase looking for a reason to be excited.  Should electric when Brock makes his way our of the tunnel.


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If you can still coherently speak a sentence after the UConn game, you've done something horribly wrong.  Slow learners should note you can jingle those keys and scream, kind of like how if you're in the old person section you can sit on your hands and complain at the same time.  Top recruits want to play on the big stage and we need to sell the Big Game atmosphere.  So RR can tell Dee, "Look how amped up these guys got a Big East Team, you should see what a Big Ten game is like."   

*This of course doesn't apply when we blow UConn out of the water and spend the 4th quarter doing the wave while watching Jack Kennedy and 10 random guys from the student section rack up Heisman candidate like numbers against UConn.  Hey, I can dream can't I?

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This may be tacky, but at a few basketball games the student section would chant out the recruits name, how opposed would people be to have the student section start chanting Dee Hart and HaHa as recruiting tactics. I feel if this were to happen he would commit on the spot for sure.


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or is just taking a free trip up north?  Tom didn't seem to think he was swayable, so I M inclined to beleive that we have little to no chance.  But, stranger things have happened.  This just adds to the excitement and anticipation for that opening day game.  Lovin' it. 


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Agreed.  17 and 18 year old kids change their minds a lot.  Every winter there's a steady stream of decommits and changes in "leading schools" that gets posted up.  this place was meltdown central for awhile this winter during the recruitment of various DBs.  I'll believe a commit when the kid signs a LOI or shows up to enroll early.   

Haha could take one look at Michigan and go "Heck yeah" or he might just be along to keep Dee company.  


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This question comes up everytime a recruit takes visits.  The vast majority of the time I don't think there's anything to it. 

Here's how a typical visit goes:

Friday night - recruit flies in, spends night in hotel with team.

Saturday - recruit meets with academic advisors in morning, then attends game, is at stadium most of the day.  Spends Saturday night with host player and sleeps in his dorm room.

Sunday - recruit meets with coach and/or more academic people, then flies back home.

It's much more "business" than "vacation."  There isn't that much free time.  If a recruit takes a trip, you can safely assume he's serious about the school.  (Not to mention that the college coach must approve of the trip beforehand, since his school is footing the bill.  If a kid isn't serious, the coach will tell him not to waste his time.)





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but I would hate to think one game could decide a youngsters next 3 or 4 years of life.

A win would be great... but we, as fans, gotta show up and make sure he knows what it will be like here.

And of course they will, but the coaches and players really need to step up and present him with an athmosphere of what it will be like in two years.. and not just this year.


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" I would hate to think one game could decide a youngsters next 3 or 4 years of life."

17 year old kids often decide a lot more than 3-4 year of their lives over 15 minutes in the back seat of a car. 

I hear your point, but young kids can be influenced by a variety of things, some important and some trivial.

Edward Khil

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:My favorite part of Hart's quote was this:

"Next year they will be a whole lot better."

There is only one way he could be so certain of this.  And that's if he's in Ann Arbor to see to it himself.


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I wish Clinton-Dix were coming later in the season.  Visiting in the first week gives other teams (mainly Alabama) for a chance to reel him back in.  He's a longshot either way, but still...


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really has to leave it all out on the field for game one. They have to make a statement and set the tone for the rest of the season.

How's that for excessive use of football cliche's, eh??


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If you dig deep inside you and play like it's 4th down and there's only one second on the clock, take a look to each side and gain confidence from the battle-weary but determined visages of your teammates who will scratch and claw and fight for you while you do the same for them, you will be able to out-cliche any other cliche-er on any given Saturday.  At the end of the day, when all the chips are down and it's all over but the crying, you've got to put yourself in a position to win and know that you've always got a puncher's chance.