Dee Hart?

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Why does anyone care if he comes to Michigan?  According to ESPN he isn't a homerun threat, he is a short, stocky power back, with quickness but lacking in speed.  Isn't that what our backfield is full of now?  He is what Vincent Smith was supposed to be, which supposedly is impressive but at leat Vincent used to be fast.  I don't think he provides a great threat with Denard in the backfield.  He is projected as more of a change of pace back...well read for yourself...this is what ESPN had to say.


Hart is a short, stocky runner with great quickness and productivity. A small explosive package. Utilizes his low center of gravity to his advantage as a runner; very difficult to get direct shot on him. Hits the hole with great downhill burst and authority. A decisive runner. Can slice back through the small cutback seams. Shows good lateral quickness and vision stretching it outside as well. Between the tackles he's difficult to wrap up cleanly. Runs with great lean and a powerful base. Absorbs the hit, keeps his balance and downhill momentum as good as any; like a pinball off tacklers at times. Runs hard and is a determined back who can move the pile and spin out of it. While he flashes good speed and burst through the second level, he is a short-strider and a bit quicker than fast. More of a back who will rip off the 10-15 yard burst than a homerun threat. Strong, sturdy and shifty but his shorter frame does bring up durability concerns and he appears to have peaked physically and maybe overall as a runner. Projects more as a change-of-pace runner who could come in and shred a tired defense with his great speed-to-power running style. Has polished hands out of the backfield to help get him more touches without having to carry the load. Overall, Hart is a great competitor and running back prospect who would be garnering more national attention if he just had a few extra inches.



Sounds like more of a Mike Hart...than a read option, td on any possession kinda guy to me.



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"Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips all-purpose back Demetrius Hart became the leading rusher in school history last weekend after an impressive night. In three quarters, he had 224 rushing yards, 68 receiving yards and four touchdowns. Check out how other top 2011 offensive prospects graded out over the weekend."

Frank Drebin

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I don't have premium on ESPN, but here is their teaser about Denard. He was the #7 rated athlete in the class, a grade of 81, and #101 overall.


Robinson and ATH Brandon McGee could be twins in this class as both are about 5'11, very athletic, quick and actually very accomplished passers, but it will take the right offense and coaching staff to commit to them as QB's as opposed to making the move to corner or wide receiver...



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You know absolutely nothing about the read option if you believe the only type of back we want is a "Home run threat".  A versatile( run and pass) back who hits the hole quickly and is tough to bring down is RR's dream back. That is Dee Hart to a T. 

ESPN's review is a real low blow when they resort to this:

"who would be garnering more national attention if he just had a few extra inches"

Cmon man, he isn't even on campus yet and you are giving coeds a poor impression. 


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Because ESPN cannot see the forest for the trees.  Hart in our offense would be sublime. Yes, I said it...sublime.  His skill set perfectly matches what is needed. This is what impresses me so much about the staff...these guys really nail it when recruiting on what they need... guys like Carvin Johnson, Ray Vinopal or even Drew Dileo, that everyone scratches their head about but then they morph into a player that always seems to do the right thing, at the right time, in harmonious fashion.

And FWIW,  Hart's cutback reminds me a ton of Marshall Faulk.


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While I don't think that just because ESPN says it we should stop going after him, I will say that in the past ESPN has been spot on at times.  If I remember correctly, two years ago ESPN was saying that Will Campbell would need time to develop, and didn't see him him being a big contributor right away.  In addition, they didn't see him being anywhere close to the world killer Scout and Rivals had him pegged as.  Meanwhile, they thought that Roh would be the best player to come out of that class (Obviously not true with DAAAANARD, but Roh has been 2nd or 3rd best from that class to this point).  

In the end though, none of the recruiting sites are perfect.  He seems to fit the mold of a Slaton type so its worth getting him on-board.


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Since negging costs people points, they are hesitant to neg bomb Sparty's out of this forum.

This presents a problem, as MGoBlog is now becoming Mlive-ish.

Neg bombs are the answer.


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anything but positive? If I knew nothing else about him and I could guarantee they were right about him, I'd take him on my team right now. Why wouldn't anyone want a back like that?


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He doesn't possess blue chip speed lol..thats a joke...i've seen his videos...many of them and he is getting run down from behind. 

Great stats...really relevant.  Against a school with a nationally recognized....BAND?    Guess how much that means at the college level?

I'm not saying he isn't a good back, he's a great back but he's getting a lot of attention and Mike Shaw is a damn good back ALREADY.  VIncent Smith might be the best blocking back on the team...and we haven't gotten a good look at the other 3 backs on the team...who are all big, physical runners with speed.   He's headlining our recruiting and I would rather focus our attention on a 4 or 5 star db/safety than a 4 or 5 star rb.  We should all prefer to have better secondary talent.


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Yeah, every back that can't run a 4.4 40 really sucks. Mike Shaw is pretty good but he's not great. And he will be gone in 2 years, and then Smith will be gone, and then who will play? Smith isn't starting RB material. He's good enough when he gets 10 carries a game, but he can't take 25-30.


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what part of "broke school record" didn't i spell right? that means constantly putting up numbers. and with a #1 RB don't you think more defensive recruits MAY consider coming here? If you've seen his videos then you've seen how fast he can change direction... and how easily he can score, and his punt returns..EOT


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At first I thought this was going to be sarcastic. Then I realized you're just not too smart. He sounds like Mike Hart? I would NEVER want another RB like Mike. He really sucked, right?


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<br>Dee if you are reading this, this retard fish frog does not speak for the board or the Michigan fan base.
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My favorite part of this:  "Sounds like more of a Mike Hart"

Damn, why would we want a back who is like the leading rusher in the history of our program.  Man, it would suck to have that.

Also, Alabama and Auburn don't seem to troubled by his speed.