A decent Drew Sharp article about Dantonio and "The Beatdown."

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I don't like the freep either, but Sharp did a decent job. He actually sounded, dare I say, insightful. He actually added some, oh my gosh, perspective to the situation.

He basically said that the kids did not learn how serious the incident was by Dantonio's unwillingness to impose a stiff penalty. This was an opportunity to send a strong message, and as we know he failed.

Sharp listed several reasons why Dantonio's decision was a mistake, and how this essentially puts his job on the line.



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Sharp's Editor: "OK, let's see here..Find [Rodriguez] and Replace with [Dantonio] ... OK, that's more accurate. Now, Find [working too hard] and Replace with [beating unsuspecting kids]. There we go. Publish."


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"Bathroom stall graffiti > anything ever written by Sharp."

I agree. The only thing Sharp could ever write that would be better than bathroom graffiti would be his letter of resignation. Unless, of course he was reporting on the firing of Rosenpuke and Shyster: that would be his magnum opus.


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Don't fall for the bait.

Just wait till he writes another UM article, have one person report here--as you did, thanks-- but provide no link to tempt people. We all know where to look if we want to read the article anyway.


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"print friendly" link.

I only had to google "drew sharp dantonio print-friendly" for the hit. I don't know if I'm oversimplifying, but it seems we could at least make a practice of exclusively linking to the print version if we are going to link to the Fr**p at all.

I agree that the high level of attention given the Fr%%p here at Mgoblog helps those who want to stay current on its miscues without breaking the boycott.

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I can't say I'm surprised, but he did miss the most important detail in this whole process. If Dantonio hadn't already let one player go from the jail cell to the playing field without any significant punishment, maybe giving all these guys a second chance wouldn't be such a risk.

I don't mind giving guys a second chance, it just has to be in the right circumstances. If a guy spends time in jail he probably shouldn't get a second chance at the same university, make the kid earn it some where else.


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The only thing I can't understand is the use of Drew Sharp with decent article in the same sentence. Also, who has to buy the Freep when all their material ends up on mgoblog anyway?


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Danphonio gets a pass in the media, no one has tied the high total of personal fouls on the field with the atrocious behavior off the field. Yet we consistently read of him bringing discipline and character to his players. Right, soon they will list Sparty football as work release program for Ingham Co. They will also be required to run the jailbreak screen on the first offensive play to get all Starters on the same page.


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"there's a lessening tolerance for athletes spending as much time on the police blotter as on the practice field." There is a story here; HOW MUCH TIME ARE THEY SPENDING ON THE PRACTICE FIELD


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because by monday msu fans will say how coach d crack's the whip. then they will say how rich rod would have gone along with the football player's to show them how a real beating is done.