Debating Should I get Tickets to the OSU game this year or not?

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on July 3rd, 2010 at 4:02 PM

Part of me wants to and then part of me says its a bad idea but as of late I have been deciding if I want to go to the OSU Michigan game in Columbus this year. I live in Columbus and would love to see a Wolverine upset in the Shoe but odds are that it isn't going to happen (as much as we all would like) It is however "the game" and anything could happen if you look at it from an optimistic point of view. I don't know should I get them or should I pass and watch from the house?



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YES. Of all years, you should go in those in which we are not favored to win:

1) The team could use some support on the road

2) How pissed would you feel if you didn't go and we win?


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I have heard only bad things about trips to Columbus for The Game. I usually go to game for enjoyment, although the past few years haven't been completely enjoyable. It seems to me that a trip to Columbus wouldn't be fun. Even if Michigan won, I wouldn't want to deal with the OSU fans. It would only be worth it if Michigan won, but you probably wouldn't be able to enjoy it while in Columbus. I have heard some pretty good stories about trips to Columbus, though. If you do go, be sure to take a good group of friends with you, and good luck. 

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That shouldn't even be left to question. When you have a chance to experience the greatest rivalry in sports, you go, Columbus or no Columbus. No matter what the odds, I still can't wait to go to that game and experience my second in person*.

*Although, in the spirit of full disclosure, I know people without Michigan plates that know people in Columbus, so the odds of property damage to me and/or my group are exactly zero. Hopefully personal injury can be avoided on our way back after we've whipped them in their own stadium and clinched a place in at least the Rose Bowl.


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I went in 2006 and 2008 and I doubt I will ever go back. I understand all the smacktalk OSU fans will give but when I had anything and everything thrown in my direction I rendered the experience a waste. God I can't wait till Michigan wins again.


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If you can get a ticket you go. i know i would. the more blue there the better. plus this might be our year.GO MICHIGAN!!!


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watching the replay of the 2009 game right now. Beautiful fake punt run lol you guys are a total joke now. Thanks to you dip shits our rivalry game is on the Big Ten Network which is bull shit. Your team's the NCAA's biggest joke right now. Your not threatening, Rich Rod is a horrible fit for your coaching staff not to mention you haven't beaten OSU since 2003 and the last time you beat them in the Shoe was 2000. Pathetic.


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Appalachian State, Oregon, Toldeo, Illinois, Purdue, Northwestern, Ohio State and of course MSU. You guys are a complete joke. Get rid of your horror of a head coach and maybe you guys might have a winning season again. I look forward to going to the Big House this year and watching you guys lose 3 years in a row to us and 7 years in a row to the Bucks in Columbus. FIGHT FOR THE ONLY COLORS BITCHES. State means we own you now fuckers!


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I'm not sure if you can remember with your low mental capacity, but Carr was the coach for Appy State, not Rodriguez. The same goes for Oregon. I look forward to the game this year, and MSU winning two straight is the exception, not the rule, for the series. Remember when Henne, Hart, and Edwards ran train on MSU for their entire stay at Michigan? That's what I thought Little Brother. 


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Michigan State :

592 403 44 .570 110 1039 Big Ten


University of Michigan:

877 302 36 .737 128 1215

Big Ten


Head To Head Series:

U of M leads this one too.



All you can do is talk about the last 2 wins.  Also which is ironically the PAST. Try again troll boy.

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This has to be a 13 year old, right? Or someone who is trying to synthesize what we generally think of when we think of MSU fans and has invented this "character" who is posting? Because, seriously, this is just comical. Pointing out the grammatical errors and logical flaws would just be worthless, as if this is actually someone seriously posting this shit, rationality would not be understood, and proper grammar would be met with a confused stare.