Dear Dantonio

Submitted by Jinxed on October 20th, 2012 at 6:51 PM

Dear Dantonio,

Thanks for passing on that second down. Couldn't have done it without you.




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October 20th, 2012 at 8:58 PM ^

I think it's intellectually weak to say MSU won 4 years in a row because of what Hart said 5 years ago. I'm sure it no doubt gave MSU extra motivation. But M was somewhere between bad and mediocre for 3 of those years, with the 4th coming in a trash tornado against a first year coach (who, historically, always loses in the first year of this particular rivalry game).

I'm not calling you out specifically, because this was repeated multiple times in the BTN broadcast. And everytime, I rolled my eyes.


October 22nd, 2012 at 8:07 AM ^

First off, we're 1 for 4 since the "Little Brother" comment and it will never die because the media won't let it.  Roiling up the in-state fanbases is good for radio talk-show ratings, comment page hits on newspaper websites, etc.

Second, Dantonio won't let it die because that is the tool he's used for the past 5 years to rally the players and fanbase behind him.  He's taken one comment from one player and exaggerated it to become the default stereotype of our fanbase and program.  Dantonio needs to push the idea that Michigan has no respect for MSU because it gives him tacit permission for all of his shenanigans.

The ironic part is that as much as Dantonio pushes the notion that Michigan is disrespectful of MSU, aside from Mike Hart, I can't name a single instance where a U of M representative publicly disrespected State.  Yet in the 5 years since the 2007 game, Dantonio has disrespected U of M every chance he gets with snide remarks about, "Where's the Threat" and "60 minutes of unncessary roughness".  He treats Michigan assistants rudely in public seminars and engages in all sorts of asshattery and the MSU faithful put up with it because he's engrained in the collective subconscious of Spartan Nation that somehow, Michigan has this coming to them.

It's going to be fun to watch how the tolerance level for his antics start to drop once the wins against Michigan become scarce again. 


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Dear Mr. Dantonio,

First and foremost, it was an excellent game and well-played by both teams. In many respects, the offensive and defensive statistics for this game were comparable and it was a man who has a timely fondness for brunettes who scored the deciding points in the end....literally, almost at the end. This was a dramatic finish, as I am sure you would agree. 

Indeed, I had figured this game would probably come down to grit. It probably wouldn't be a high-scoring affair. You would give our offense fits, and our defense would do the same to you. We would not see the end zone a lot, and indeed, we never saw it - you had us beat there, for you did score a touchdown. Many assumed this game would be decided by defense. Indeed, even one of your fans said, "If UM scores 14 points, they will beat us. No way we get over that unless the D scores."  

We only needed twelve. Efficient, no?





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Oh I knew for sure Dantonio would have his team prepared, as would anyone who's watched MSU the last 3 years.  And they still have probably the best defense in the conference, so I didn't expect us to top 20 pts.

I hope no one on MGo who's paid attention bet on us to cover the spread - State prepped hard for this game as always, and you saw it on the field today.  (You also saw it on the field in their efforts against EMU, Indiana and Iowa /giggle)


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Dantonio anymore than the rest of us here.


But...that fake punt call was as gutsy as any i have seen. Considering the field position at the time, it could have sunk them big time if it had failed.


State is not good this year...but they get jacked for us like no other team does.  Their defense is sound and very well coached.


Denard was barely average and Dileo saved our ass.


And of course.....brunettes.


October 22nd, 2012 at 8:14 AM ^

It was gutsy, but when you look at where State was in their season, rolling the dice there probably didn't seem like much of a gamble to Dantonio.  You make the first down, maybe you can pull off the upset and get yourself into bowl scenario that doesn't involve staying in the midwest.  You don't make it, well Michigan is already ahead and you've shown no ability to move the ball against their defense and this season is already a tire fire.

I mean, it was a ballsy call, but I wonder if MSU was 7-0 and playing for the lead in the Legends Division instead of just salvaging some level of pride, woudl Dantonio have been quite so reckless?


October 20th, 2012 at 9:42 PM ^

State played a tough game, and they have a good defense, but they are also very, very one dimensional.  One of their longest plays from scrimmage was the fake punt, and another was a play that should have been blown up for a 20 yard loss.  They also fumbled twice inside their own 20 yard line in the 4th quarter, and were very lucky to recover both.  They got plenty of breaks and bounces in a very ugly game.

Dantonio is still a douche, and considering the relative trajectories of the two teams, this may be the closest that Sparty gets for a while.


October 20th, 2012 at 9:52 PM ^

The call was a decent one as it was just a bad pass. Target was wide open. They pick that up and we have to force a 3&out with only 2 TOs allowing more time to bleed and more distance to go after the punt. No option if it worked and probably the game. MD gambled and it was a good call but worked in our favor.

Again, that said, glad it turned out how it did as having to use a TO would have been disasterous if the Fitz catch was repeated. Would have had to rush to line up, spike to leave about 7 seconds with no TOs and too long for a FG. The setup Dileo play took 10 secs to run and stop clock. So, glad it worked out as it did but the call itself wasn't a bad one especially considering how poorly our offense played.