DeAnthony Arnett

Submitted by His Dudeness on February 10th, 2010 at 8:24 AM

DeAnthony does not have us in his top 3 or 4.

That is a pay link, but Rivals is quoting DA as saying his top 3 are USC, ND and MSU (all offered). His childhood fav was OU and once they offer we will be at best 5th in his eyes. We have some work to do to get this kid. DA thinks our downfield passing game is not a stepping stone to get to the league. He is talented and we can make a run at him, but I wouldn't tie my hopes to this star coming to Michigan : (



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No, I'm saying I understand why he is looking at Oklahoma. I am saying that leaving Florida to go to Michigan going somewhat downhill versus going from Michigan to Oklahoma is fairly even. I hope we can get this guy, but I absolutely understand why he would decide to go to an elite program in a state like Oklahoma.


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There was a thread about Arnett yesterday, but I believe it was deleted. Arnett said in an interview that he was going to wait to see the progress in Michigan's passing game before making his decision. If they implement more of a downfield passing attack next season, Michigan will be back under serious consideration.


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After the conclusion of this year's recruiting, I think its not worth the mental effort to even care who has us in their top 1, 2 or 3 at this point. A lot of things can change. A winning season will have guys considering Michigan because they want to be part of a winning team rather than a rebuilding team.
With the loss of Parker, who was all but a lock to go to Michigan, and the gain of Dorsey, who we really had no shot at until the last month,I think anything can and will happen.
Sit back, enjoy the information about the guys, let the 2011 recruits enjoy being in the spotlight, and wait to start getting anxious until January.


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I don't put a lot of "mental effort" into anyone choosing the maize and blue, but it sure is fun to watch the process happen. Ultimately, everybody is going somewhere, and the coaches do the best with who they have on their rosters.

I probably won't start getting too excited about anyone until at least the beginning of next season. I am, however, getting antsy waiting for spring ball.


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We had a pretty in depth conversation about it yesterday. He said this is just his top 3 for right now. He's always been a fan of Michigan, and it's hard to see them lose.

As a wide receiver, he wants to see the offense and playbook opened up. He's not sure that Tate Forcier is the right quarterback, and wants to see them give Devin a shot.

He said he just wants to see how the season goes, and what happens during the season. He's going about this the right way, it's just hard for us as Michigan fans to think that we could lose an instate kid because we can't win.

That's not something anyone is used to, but he has to do what's best for him. You can't really fault him for that.

He does understand that injuries played a part in both the quarterback play, and wide receivers. He also understands that they have more weapons this year, on both sides of the ball. His recruitment will change quite a bit throughout the season.


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it will be interesting to see what he thinks when Tate has a great year passing "down field" and Devin struggles a little bit... hypothetically of course. It is good that he is looking this closely, but you hate to hear him being critical of what is most likely going to be our starting QB.


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This sums up why kids are kids and we have coaches to instruct them. If DG plays the passing game will in all likelihood be dead and we will have gone to the Denard playbook of 09. If he wants a passing team and someone to get him the ball Tate would be his guy. So I'll make a huge leap and assume DG and Arnett are somewhat friendly and he's simply pumping up his guy.


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Yeah, I'm guessing Arnett and Gardner know each other a bit and Arnett feels like he has a personal stake in who plays quarterback.

Winning cures all. If we win, the good players will come.