Dealing with losing - a couple of examples

Submitted by Kevin Holtsberry on November 21st, 2009 at 10:41 PM

I think most would agree one of the most difficult aspects of the last few years is the fact that Michigan really hasn't had this sort of rebuilding experience. Struggling at UM meant 3-4 losses or a bad bowl game. The last two years are uncharted waters.

Someone else posted on the comparison with Dave Wandstedt having three rough seasons before finding success at Pitt. And it struck me that I was drawing on some other PA based teams to try and deal with this rebuilding process.

I happen to be a lifelong Steelers fans despite having been born in Michigan and never having lived in Pennsylvania. Obviously, the Steelers dominated the 70s winning four Super Bowl with an amazing collection of Hall of Fame players.

But when I was in high school in the later eighties they hit a rough patch where it was very tough to be a Steelers fan. They missed the playoffs four straight years and had a losing record for three of those years.

As football fans know, they got back on track and again became a consistent playoff team. They had a number of heartbreaking playoff losses - and a SB loss - before breaking through and winning another Super Bowl in Detroit.

I now live in Columbus and this makes watching football difficult as you might imagine. A friend of mine is a Penn State fan so we watch college football (all except one week a year) and hate Ohio State together.

Watching him deal with the Penn State struggles was also a useful reference for me. During the 2000-2004 seasons Joe Pa had a losing record four out of five years. And Penn State was the one team Michigan seemed to beat no matter what. Even their breakout year when they went 11-1 Michigan was that one loss. Joe Pa's record since? Nothing less than 9 wins with three bowl wins and two straight against Michigan.

I bring all this up not to pretend their is some neat connection - or to note PSU wins of late - but rather just to point out that teams and fan bases go through this and get over it. Good things can follow very ugly years.

This year frustrated me a great deal and it ended on a very ugly note. But I have come to accept that the hole was deeper and the transition was a bigger challenge than I had thought. But I am confident that commitment and patience will pay off.



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"I happen to be a lifelong Steelers fan despite having been born in Michigan and never having lived in Pennsylvania."

Okay, this is the thread for me! I grew up in Pittsburgh but happen to be a lifelong Michigan fan (in addition to a diehard Steelers fan).

No doubt, every franchise/program has its ups and downs.

But I hereby vow that if it turns out Bubby Brister has any eligibility left and he enrolls at Michigan, I'm jumping off a ledge....


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Cliff actually played well at first, but of course he had the misfortune of following a four-time Super Bowl winner in Bradshaw. I'm guessing most of the posters here know Terry only as a goofy broadcaster, but he was a tough act follow on the field.

michman79, at this point they could stick George Blanda under center and I'd live with it as long as it meant beating the Buckeyes.


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Nebraska's descent down the shitter "coincided" with the NCAA instituting mandatory steroid testing. Suddenly, their much-ballyhooed walk-on program wasn't producing kids that entered weighing 185 as freshmen and left weighing 315 as seniors anymore.

UM is just too young. While the physical differences may look alarmingly similar, UM got smaller because it got younger, not because they had to quit doing 'roids.

I find it disgusting that so much "chicken little" BS is coming from UM fans. It's bad enough when it comes from outside the program and its fanbase.

Oh, well. The bandwagon will still be there when they want to jump back on.