De La Salle vs Pioneer.

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Morris throws pick on first pass.



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I attended the 1st half of the game. Morris played poorly in the 1st quarter, but played well the rest of the half. Pioneers secondary covered pretty well, and his receivers didn't get much seperation, so the meh stat line is to be expected.

His accuracy was pretty good -- the int was of the "I didn't see that guy there" variety. Most of his mistakes were bad decisions -- holding on to the ball for too long, throwing it to guys that were covered.

I wouldn't say he's a slam dunk to start at Michigan, but he has the tools. Great arm, showed some nice touch, decent mobility. Just needs to improve his decision making.

Anyway, that's my scouting report based on one half of football.


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i am watching a high school football game for the first time on TV since the days Indiana had a public access channel.. Joliet Cath. vs prov cath.. Ty Issac injured 1st qtr ( pussy). Opposing RB is a stud.. Tomorrw D. Green plays along and Poggi on a ESPNU. Set you DVR.... Also, lets not get to dramatic about Shane Morris, holy smokes... Kids a stud.. Chill Out


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I will also add that throwing to HS WRs brings its own uncertainties in terms of catches and route running.  Not saying Morris wasn't off a bit at the beginning, but when you are throwing to kids who probably won't be playing at the next level, incompletions and bad throws may arise. 

All that said, I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the year of people fretting over Morris and his performance.  And to think, virtually nobody knew about Denard's QB play before he arrived on campus, and yet the world survived...


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After an entire summer of playing 7v7 it was inevitable that he had to get used to a pass rush an line. Finishing strong here is way more important than the slow start.

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Looked pretty good out there when he wasn't running for his life (which based on the video posted seems to account for a lot of the problems early).  Also, always good to see Pioneer getting stomped!  Go Hornets!