De La Salle vs Pioneer.

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Morris throws pick on first pass.



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From everything I saw over the summer, he has issues with accuracy.  He has a strong arm for sure, but just makes some poor throws from time to time.  And yeah, yeah, he won the accuracy contest at the Elite 11.  Big deal.  During games, he makes some bad throws.

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Hopefully he is not one of a group of Avon football players that were suspended for breaking team rules

Avon D1 recruits ross douglas (michigan) and ralph smith (ball st) are not playing vs avon lake. no reason has been given.

Danny Coughlin reports from that Star DB Ross Douglas NOT on field for warm ups. No word if he's one of 10 players suspended


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I don't care what the deal with your OL is.. 5 stars are supposed to be surefire kids who dominate games... Not saying Shane blows, but the later rocket arm at camps just doesn't do as much for me as playing real football...wish te ranking services didn't blow these camps out of the water like they are the super bowl


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He started 2-9, has gone 5 of 5 with 2 TDs since. Nice to seem him start to play to the level we all know he can. Maybe some early nerves got to him? Regardless he's on track for 200+ yards and 4 TDs. That's a solid day no matter what, and if he plays like he has after the 2 for 9 start he can do even better.


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Shane Morris now 14-for-25 for 178 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT midway through the third quarter.

When Shane Morris is on he is freaking on. After a slow start hes been tearing up Pioneer, which has been playing a nickel the entire time

After Morris led a surgical drive down the field, De La Salle’s RB punched it in from a yard out to make it 35-0. 4/5 for around 65 yards.

Gedeon fumbles hand off on third and goal from the two. Still 14-7 Hudson late in the third.


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Man, the Morris hate in this thread is hilarious. Kid hasn't even stepped foot on campus yet and people are calling him overrated and saying he can't make the throws when it matters. It truly is a "what have you done for me lately" world.


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I didn't make it out to be an encompassing statement from the board. I said "the morris hate in this thread is hilarious" - that could refer to any amount of hate.  It was two posters that were trying to take definitive analysis from >one half of his first game of the year. I thought it was funny and my post was just an observation on their "evaluations"


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from what I saw he looked like a dominant HS quarterback. Very poised in the pocket, fluid throwing motion, his passes were on target and there were some nice passes he really threaded in there. Wangler is a pretty solid receiver and made some nice catches. Closing out the first half they tried to hook up from the 39 yard line on a perfect pass to the back corner of the endzone which was broken up on a great HS play by the defender. Perfect attack on the ball to break it up.

For his first game after being away from home a better part of his summer, I'd say he lived up to expectation. Looked like he could move the ball anywhere he wanted.  As a HIGH SCHOOL KID who has one heck of a cheese smile on his ID, he did a nice job tonight. Thought he played way above some kid named Roethelsberger who I saw play at Findlay at that same age. And then watching Ben warm up, you could see the motion in his throw and how he carried himself. His stats were nothing flashy, his coach was very run oriented and completely

Kudos to Morris, I'm excited with his potential. The kid looked great to me. Saw him slide up in the pocket under pressure a few times and really hit his receivers with authority. Granted there were a few times he looked out of sorts and chucked the ball where he could have gotten in trouble but he was everything I expected.


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what asswagon scored my post detailing the game as 'off topic' fucking really? there sure is a collection of arrogant fuckin pricks here that, for whatever reason if a poster doesn't follow the 'herd' or norm, the post is unacceptable. I really do understand why a lot of folks see UM fans as arrogant assholes if these are the people they base it on...cripes, it was a personal perspective on how the kid played, I THOUGHT he looked good. I coached enough HIGH SCHOOL football, I have a reasonable perspective on the issue...whatever. vent over. assholes.


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Ty Issac is on ESPNU. Wow u talk about playing against bad defenses, had 50 yard touchdown un touched but got hurt so is out the rest of the game with a knee injury, going to the hospital for X-ray. I don't think he's meant for the i-formation. He runs too high. There down 30-20 at the half, upset brewing!!!! 9 carries 67 yards but 50 on 1.