DE Frank Clark Arrested for 2nd Degree Home Invasion

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Per UM Student Directory, Frank Clark's middle name is in fact Dominick so it's most likely the same person


Edit: My bad, i don't go to the home page, i just link to Delete if necesary 



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they're coaches keep dealing out wrist slaps and ours keep dealing out suspensions and dismissals, no. Not remotely.


Edit: I didn't neg you into changing your post, by the way. Just making a logical observation to your original post.


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The problem is kids making bad decisions.  It happens everywhere.  It only becomes a problem when someone gets emotional or has their fun laughing at others because, inevitably, it will come back home and sting twice as bad.  


Home invasion is.. a little weird... but DUIs, MIPs, marijuana... sorry guys but if you're running a college program it's bound to happen.   I'm NOT going to read tRCMB and see what they have to say (why would anyone?) but the bottom line is that it's going to happen everywhere and that's why I just keep my mouth shut when it happens to be one of ours. 


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Not be the person to start a thread on these matters. At least I know a fellow Wolverine would not be typing with an evil grin on their face.


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Not just in Frank Clark, but this is our 8th arrest under Hoke I think.

What's more, this was from an incident on June 14th I am hearing.  Why didn't the coach know about this, or if he did know about this why are we just hearing about it?  That's not normal for Michigan, to sweep things under the rug.


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Jerald Robinson, Marvin Robinson, Will Campbell, Josh Furman (Acquitted), Stonum 2x, Toussant, and now Frank Clark.

You know, on other boards I caught crap for criticizing Hoke on how he handled the 1st Stonum arrest under him, his 2nd drunk driving offense.  I said now is the time to send a message this early ointo his tenure, but he simply gave him a redshirt year and he would have been able to play at Michigan again after 2 DUIs and 2 other alcohol offenses had he not screwed up the last time.  People flamed me, but now we are seeing some other problems.  Doesn't mean I was right, but there sure are too many arrests going on for my comfort.

Even the Josh Furman case reflected poorly on  Michigan, sure he got acquitted as he should have, but was he really carrying himself like a Michigan man by trying to run through a couple girls in order to get at a biy he had a beef with?  It's just not the type of behavior I like to see.



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The first four guys on that list all had run-ins that any group of 80+ college guys are going to have.  What Furman did was not a big deal, not something worth posting on a board.  Was it awesome?  No, but that stuff happens to good people all the time. 

And you can't speak wrt Stonum.  Once he got his second DUI, he never played a football game for us again.  Do you know Hoke was going to play him?  Or was he letting him finish his degree before booting him?  You have very little to stand on for any of this. 

Lets see how he handles Toussaint (and Clark if it ends up being serious).  But for now, no one has done anything worth getting seriously punished for, except Stonum, who is gone.

EDIT:  Also - just because we're hearing about this now doesn't mean Hoke swept anything under the rug.  These things are often handled without the public knowing about it, until games come around.  There's absolutely no reason for our coaches to come out and announce stuff like this in the off-season.  It's really none of our business how the coaches handle these things, and just because it's not public knowledge doesn't mean they're doing nothing.


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Hoke knew long before we did.  He subscribes to the philosophy that what happens with his players is between him and the players (until the media gets a hold of it).

I agree -- there is no reason that he should have to "announce" that someone got in trouble -- we don't need to know all the personal issues.


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I believe Hoke said something to the effect that Clark is and has been suspended indefinitely, implying he knew about it and had already handed down the suspension prior to the news coming out.

EDIT: from Hoke's statement


Frank was and will continue to be suspended pending the outcome of the investigation."


July 23rd, 2012 at 4:50 PM ^ Clark and Fitz T. get supended indefinitely just in time to expand the 2013 recruiting class and/or poach current Penn State studs.

Not to worry folks...its a win/win either way.