DCC: Mel Tucker (Alabama DB Coach)

Submitted by Avon Barksdale on December 2nd, 2015 at 2:43 PM

He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Played college football at the University of Wisconsin. DB coach at LSU for one year, DB coach at Ohio State for three years, DC at Ohio State for one year, spent the next ten years in the NFL as a Defensive Coordinator with Cleveland, Chicago, and Jacksonville.

He re-joined Nick Saban at Alabama this year as their Assistant Head Coach and DB coach. He has a 2-3 record as an interim Head Coach in the NFL. He is 43 years young. Chicago was not very good with him (or without him for that matter), but I think we should discuss.


Avon Barksdale

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But I looked at Jim's past Assistant Coaches and a good majority were with those he never worked with. He had Mangini on his staff at SF, Fisch now had no previous experience with Harbaugh, and Donatell at SF among others. I think he will truly take the best guy for the job.

Shafer only coached with Jim for a year, so I am not sure you can say he has a much better working relationship with Harbaugh than some other candidates. I do understand he has a DB background, and we really do not have a need for that at this moment. I would like the idea of Tucker if we have a suitable guy coaching the linebackers.

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I dont know anything about him but sometimes coaches are bad at 1 level but fine 1 level lower.  Just because he is a bad HC doesnt mean he would not be a fine DC.  Again I dont know anything about him but Jedd Fisch from all accounts is not a great OC but seemed to be solid 1 level lower.

I'd be curious how he did as Chicago's DC.  If you say he sucked at DC then that is different.

Looks like he was a dc for browns jags and chi so one can see how he did in those roles.

He was the DBs coach for the Browns for three years before being promoted to defensive coordinator in 2008. Tucker held the same job in Jacksonville from 2009-12 and Chicago from 2013-14.


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Sorry, this is a sore subject for me. It was so so so bad when he was Bears DC


Following one of the worst defensive seasons in Bears' history in 2013, Tucker received criticism from the media.[9] As a result, team fired two of Tucker's assistant coaches, linebackers coach Tim Tibesar and defensive line coach Mike Phair.[10] The Bears replaced them with Paul Pasqualoni as defensive line coach andReggie Herring as linebackers coach.[11]


On January 20, 2015, following another record-setting low defensive season for the Bears, Tucker was replaced by former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio under new head coach John Fox.[12]


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I'm not going to opine on Tucker's coaching ability.  He's a good guy as I got to know him as our kids played lacrosse together, but he is a diehard Buckeye.  The first time I met him he gave me grief when he saw I was wearing a Block M hat.  

Coach Carr Camp

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Do we really need to discuss every assistant coach out there with merely some midwestern connection? Can we at least wait until there's actually some rumbling that a person is under consideration?


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Ideally I'd like to grab someone with a similar scheme so to not have to transition a great deal. Some of these guys will be on their 3rd DC in 3 years, which is far from ideal. I'd prefer a guy that is at least a few years from a HC position so we can have some freaking stability for a change.

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This is a ridiculous suggestion. Mel Tucker is a shitty defensive coordinator. As a Bears fan, he's grade A streaming pile of crap as a DC. He stank up at Jax, and was the worst hire in the last 20 years of Bears mistakes. Just because a guy is at Bama does not mean he's DC worthy. Get creative, because Mel Tucker doesn't have a lick of imagination in his play calling. He is the main reason that Bears took a precipitous nosedive, only to be rescued by Fangio this year.

I've never been more angry or scared of a suggestion. Mel Tucker could be Mother Teresa; yet, he cannot coordinate his shoes.


December 2nd, 2015 at 6:22 PM ^

Tucker was completely incompetent on the Bears. Those defenses couldn't get calls in, couldn't get aligned before the snap, and left guys to run free down the field.