DCC: Hello: Don Brown?

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Boston College DC Don Brown will be Michigan's new DC per source.

— Thayer Evans (@ThayerEvansSI) December 20, 2015

EDIT: some info on his track record:

Year School S&P rank FEI rank
2015 BC 3 5
2014 BC 36 68
2013 BC 80 98
2012 UConn 38 22
2011 UConn 34 23
2010 Maryland 36 20
2009 Maryland 44 64

Sam Webb confirms:

Multiple sources saying Boston College def. coordinator Don Brown to #Michigan is true. Word from a BC player is Brown informed team already

— Sam Webb (@SamWebb77) December 20, 2015




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I never share premium info from other sites, but this is too good not to share here(hope it's OK). Sam Webb talked to a BC player who told him the following:

"Our d coordinator is leaving for Michigan.  I swear y'all might go to the playoffs next year."
"With our talent we were the best defense in the country. So I could only imagine what Michigan will be like.  We loved him... He was by far my favorite coach.  Definitely a father figure."


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This is OT, and I would make a board post, but I don't have enough points. Rashan Gary's mom legitimately responds on Cleveland.com articles! Specifically, she's trashing the bucknuts who call her an overbearing helicopter mom for trashing o$u's academic presentation. It's quite funny. 

Caveat: I cannot 100% confirm it's her (it's a comment section), but the user goes by the name Jennifer Coney-Shepherd and definitely sounds like she'd be his mom. And this is the SECOND time I've seen her post on this site.

Here's the link:



Just go to the comments section and CTRL+F her name


EDIT: It is her! It's linked to her FB page. And wow, these bucknuts are fucking stupid saying some of this shit. Really shouldn't tweet at recruits/trash their fam on public news articles, lol


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I watched some of the BC vs ND game, and couldn't help but think if BC had an average offense that game would have been much different. Brown did a lot with nothing; but I'm still cautiously optimistic. A lot of times putting together a staff requires chemistry as well, hopefully the defensive staff can mesh in the offseason.